Jun. 17th, 2017

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The Three Gulls: A Point in Time, a fic by Spanked by Spike

Rating: NC-17 (sexually explicit for the last part)
Fandom: Haven
Word Count: 5133 words
Relationship: this part is a Triptych with the first one having Duke and Nathan coming to term with them being together, the second one is about Lexie/Audrey deciding to trust them even though she hasn't got her full memory back, and finally the last one is Nathan/Duke/Audrey rocking the boat!
Summary: Multi-part story that links the lives and perceptions of Nathan, Duke and Audrey as to what happened between the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4.

Notes: This is the last Chapter of this series :) Each part is again a point in time and follow a loose relatively straight timeline with days/weeks in between each event.
This part includes some fluff, some romantic gestures, some hurt/comfort, some dramatic thoughts and some sex. Like the rest of the chapters it has not been reviewed by a beta (don't know that many people in the fandom), sorry...
Much of this story is inspired by snippets from Bruce Springsteen songs on the album The Rising! According to me (I'll probably be the only one reading this anyway) it's a great way to accompany these characters in the journey they face at the beginning of Season 4.

Part 1: The Sky was Falling: the World according to Nate (previous chapter)
Part 2: Empty Sky: the World according to Duke (previous chapter)
Part 3: A Brave New World: the World according to NUKE (previous chapter)
Part 4: Revealed, Exposed and Noticed: the World according to Audrey (previous chapter)

Part 5: At Last (current chapter dedicated to Grey Haven: thank you much for your support, encouragement and patience on A3 on this story)

Chapter 5: AT LAST

TRIPTYCH: Let’s be friend (Duke/Nathan - 1657 words)

Let's Be Friend... )

TRIPTYCH: When The World Turns To Black (Audrey relates to Duke and Nate - 1822 words)

The World turns to Black )

TRIPTYCH: The Only Thing Wrong With You Is Your Perspective… (1752 words)

Perspective... )


(End note: The sexy part was planned to be another 5 part series but it doesn't seem as this is of interest to my friend list - mostly in Supernatural and the Whedonverse - or the Haven fandom so I decided to end it nicely with a pretty bow as the threesome they deserve to be rather than to take the risk of not finishing the story.
Thank you for reading and for commenting if inspired)


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