Nov. 6th, 2010

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 Loved the latest episodes (really... they are surprising and gutsy) but I am still not a fan of the direction this whole thing is taking.

In our daily lives there are hundreds of people out to get ahead of us no matter the cost... In the Winchesters' lives you add all the Demons, rogue Angels, and normal creeps... And yet the storyline still rather divide the family?

I'd rather not wait the last two episodes of the season to get the two brothers comfortable between themselves if possible.

Since season 4 we got the two of them mistrusting each other, having to re-learn how to get by together and every season you think that they'll come up with another big bad and nooooo it has to be one of them messing things up. It's a wonder Dean decided to make a deal with the crossroad demon at this point. Where is the effing love?

The first 3 seasons worked on making us believe this wonderful brotherly love (yeah with hints of wincest but still they care about each other in a visceral level) here they appear to support each other more than love each other (I have a duty to Dean or Sam and therefore I'll do my best for him but not out of real affection anymore...).

I loved plenty of episodes this season but I start to really feel fed up by not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

After everything this family has gone through, the bad guy has to be the grand father? name sake to our soulless Sammy? And of course they could bring Grand Pa Campbell back but not Papa Winchester?

Honestly the only thing saving the road travelled so far is the endless possibilities in terms of fan-fics ... And, the boys! Their acting is awesome and they are just looking sooo good on camera (cough, sorry, I day dreamed a bit here...).


Nov. 6th, 2010 08:57 pm
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Yeah! Two of my stories have been nominated at Running with Scissors round 9 

One is an Angel/Nina drabble (not exactly my pairing but I had been challenged... and I end up liking the result: odd); the other story is a Spike/Cordy (a pairing I am slowly getting to really appreciate, and again a challenge... what won't I do for my friends lol).

Thanks to my nominator and even if I don't win, I'm glad people will get to read these little stories.

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I'd say stand by people. If a crowd was getting between the bullier and the bullied, the bullier wouldn't go after everyone of them. A group is really an amazing protection if the group does not become a bully.

There is something amazing about each one of us and we just need to take the time to discover what we have in common. It's always more interesting than what separate us anyway...

Our comments need to be more tame as well. There is no reason to describe people with insults associated to their race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Honestly, it demonstrate a lack of education and if we were reacting negatively to those people around us would stop using slurs and then realize we don't care and that's what's hip!

Of course nothing is ever easy, but if each of us was doing these small steps, we'd make a difference in the long run.

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Well Angel the Series is getting a winter number challenge for Het Pairings.

There are 9 different possibilities with a minimum of 500 words to write.

If you want to participate or to read the stories follow the link:

I can't wait to see the results.

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