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Title: Caring my ass...
Author Spanked by Spike
Words: 741
Ratings: PG-13 (language as would Captain America say it, lol)
It can't be that hard to figure out who is getting in trouble ;-)
In response to the Valentine's Day Celebration launched at [ profile] spanking_world by [ profile] cordy69 and [ profile] cookielaura This is in response to two of the pictures on the post for Day 7

Hope to get more ideas soon, this one worked for me in two fandoms concurrently, so maybe the muse is back, thank you ladies for the challenge ♥
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Title: Time
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike

Fandom: J3 (Real People)
Implement: Hand
Team: Paranormal for Team Human
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Summary/Notes: This takes place within an established relationship, a triad composed of Jeff, Jensen and Jared (no last names are ever used; they are physically in the likelihood of the J’s we know though). Part of the OT3-100 table found on my LJ and of the team challenge for [ profile] spanking_world

Time... )

The End J
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Happy Birthday SW!

Stories for my [ profile] spanking_world Bingo Card:






Bad attitude Birthday Cheating Dominate Drinking
Flirting Greed Guilt Jealousy Kinky
Lying Mischief Free Space! Offensive Omission
Out of control Outburst Pride Put in Danger Revenge
Rude Running Away Stealing Teasing Truth or dare


Created for the anonymous/open pairing Celebratory Bingo launched by [ profile] spankingfemme
Rating: PG ~ Drabble: 350 words ~ April 27th, 2012 ~ Bingo Word: Outburst ~
Outburst... )

I am curious to learn who you believe is represented in this drabble... Thanks for reading :)
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