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Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Title: As the world turns round and round...
Fandom: The Originals
Pairing: Eliijah/klaus
Rating: PG-13
Implement: Hand and Belt
Word Count: 2485 words
Spoiler: Up to mid-season 3
Created for the Spankevent Advent Calendar at
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Prompt by [ profile] ficwriterjet : The Originals, Elijah & Klaus - It's the holidays, Klaus is morose and drunk when he runs into Elijah, he asks Elijah for forgiveness for whatever misdeed he's done recently, and causes a scene in public, Elijah takes him home and spanks him before telling him he's forgiven.

As the world turns round and round… by SpankedBySpike


(boy do I need to get icons with those bros too... Once I learn how to be good with graphic: i might finally make story banners one day, lol)

Klaus you promised to turn a new leaf. I expect nothing less than your best behavior with family, friend and allies.” Elijah was seething; as usual his brother’s boiling anger was destroying any hard-earned peace between factions and groups in their already volatile city.

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Hope you all have wonderful holidays

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Title: Here is Daddy…
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike

Pairing: Klaus/tyler (adult punishment, no sex) from the TV Show: The Originals
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 1400 words
Notes: This scene comes about halfway through episode 7 of the first season of The originals. It’s a series that deals with the family of Original Vampires and one, well, Bastardly Original Vampire/Werewolf. They are true to character and not the cuddly kind… They left Mystic Fall to the Salvatore Brothers and are rekindling with their roots in the New World via the war happening between vampires, witches and to some extend werewolves in New Orleans. All Vampires of the world come from a lineage related to the Originals. The three siblings still alive in this verse are Elijah, the elder brother, Klaus the manic hybrid one, and Rebekah the drifting sister.Klaus due to the magic of his very powerful witch-mother can be both a Vampire and a Werefolf and in the Vampire Diaries series he sired a series of Hybrids whose bite can kill Vampires. Tyler is the first and only surviving Hybrid of that period. He had tried to organize a revolt against Klaus who killed them all (yes, his creations) and let Tyler live as long as he exiled himself from Mystic Fall.At this point in the story, Klaus has done the impossible and made a Werewolf girl pregnant with his baby. About every mystical force and group is gunning for his offspring and Tyler believes he can bypass Klaus and create his own army of Hybrids if he can use the blood from the unborn baby. It’s a good theory, except Klaus catch up with him…

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