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 Loved the latest episodes (really... they are surprising and gutsy) but I am still not a fan of the direction this whole thing is taking.

In our daily lives there are hundreds of people out to get ahead of us no matter the cost... In the Winchesters' lives you add all the Demons, rogue Angels, and normal creeps... And yet the storyline still rather divide the family?

I'd rather not wait the last two episodes of the season to get the two brothers comfortable between themselves if possible.

Since season 4 we got the two of them mistrusting each other, having to re-learn how to get by together and every season you think that they'll come up with another big bad and nooooo it has to be one of them messing things up. It's a wonder Dean decided to make a deal with the crossroad demon at this point. Where is the effing love?

The first 3 seasons worked on making us believe this wonderful brotherly love (yeah with hints of wincest but still they care about each other in a visceral level) here they appear to support each other more than love each other (I have a duty to Dean or Sam and therefore I'll do my best for him but not out of real affection anymore...).

I loved plenty of episodes this season but I start to really feel fed up by not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

After everything this family has gone through, the bad guy has to be the grand father? name sake to our soulless Sammy? And of course they could bring Grand Pa Campbell back but not Papa Winchester?

Honestly the only thing saving the road travelled so far is the endless possibilities in terms of fan-fics ... And, the boys! Their acting is awesome and they are just looking sooo good on camera (cough, sorry, I day dreamed a bit here...).
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Well. I was eager for the season to start and get my fix of the Winchester Bros. I'm not that excited about what we got so far...

I am quite happy to get more Dean in a domestic bliss situation, it seems to me that the writers are really disregarding Lisa as a character a bit like they do with most minority chaacters: use them and throw them away, right away!

As for the brothers, Sam is really so different this year, it's hard to trust him. I already had issues with him always ready to shot Dean so easily (starting at Asylum) but now his blind faith (let's take the baby and give it to grand pa right away after Dean, who he has known all his life, shows how uneasy he is about the prospect) into the Campbells is disturbing.

I am happy  about Sam self reliance, he has his car, set the way he likes and is confortable with hunting. a bit odd for all his previous fights about it, but okay...

However, i am finding the writers a bit lazy so far, no real context is given (really would Sam have never contacted Dean if the attack of the Jinn never occured) as to why Sam or Bobby wouldn't let Dean know the brother he loves above all else is alive.
Why would Dean be so opposed to the shifter get his own baby. I agree, he'd resent all the deads the shifter created to get his kids (all these couples) but overall shouldn't we assume the shifter would love that baby more than the Campbell (that you can imagine using this kid to get close to creatures they want to kill)?
As, for Lisa, she'd spent a year with Dean, trusting her son in his care and now she'd discard him just as fast? Because, come on, will Dean really have a chance or will to come back on the weekends?

i have no issues with the results but I kind of resend a bit how they came to be. Making me believe in things takes a bit of build up and requires me to rely on characters I know and right now i am not sure how well I know these characters anymore.

Well, let's see how the season develop, and sorry for this little rant...
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