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This is a small appendix to the main story: IN THE SERVICE OF HIS MASTER (part 1 is the one where the Note is mentioned, but there are already 3 parts you can enjoy in this story independently of you reading this)

Title: Clauses and Stipulations
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 1521 words
Summary: Sam Winchester is entering into a relationship with a sub he met called Dean Smith, and is setting the proviso of their upcoming move-in life in Sam's condo.
It is really suggested that you do read part 1 first to understand the context of this note, knowing that the rest of the story is really for adult appreciation and, as well, deals with mature concepts...
Notes: Chapter created in response to the Letter challenge at [ profile] spanking_world in which one party must either ask or suggest to the other the possibility of introducing spanking in their relationship.
Thank you: A special thank you to [ profile] ilikecrystals for taking an interest in this series and helping streamline my thoughts and clarify it's expression. Thanks to her, In the Service of his Master is now back to being an on-going series :)

Dear Dean,

I know that slavery has different connotations for each person having to think about the concept. It has been an institution that dehumanized people that had no choices and no other options, it takes away any heroic ambitions the slave owners and traders may ever have harbored because what they did to children, women, elderly removed the proof of their abilities to be followed as the leaders they postured to be and instead clearly demonstrated that it was a structure meant to simply benefit those at the top, the Masters.

Therefore, I want you to understand from the get go that even though we will be in a live-in fetish relationship, in which I will be the Master and you will be my submissive or maybe even what is referred to as the slave, it is set as a place for both of us to find happiness, together, working with the same goal.

At no point in time will it be a self-serving situation in which everything you do will be about pleasing me, with no pleasure or fulfillment for yourself.

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The End.

Link to Part 2 of In the Service of his Master

Thank you for reading and commenting if inspired, it's appreciated :)
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Title: Crime and Spanking
Author: Spanked by Spike [ profile] spankedbyspike
Fandom: Supernatural End of Season 4 – Missing scene - PG13
Characters: Dean and Sam Winchesters, sibling relationship
Implement: Hand, Hairbrush, Belt
Prompt Words for the Team Chalenge at [ profile] spn_spankings: Betrayal, Resolutions, Crime and Punishment, Truth(s) and Lie(s), Epiphany
Words: 4405
A Special Thank You for the perfect Illustrations prepared for this story by the enchanting [ profile] jj1564 who found the time to help in her busy schedule: you rock!
Summary: Ruby has created quite the wedge between the two brothers and finally when she is killed it gives the opportunity to Dean and Sam to figure how to fix their strained relationship.
Author’s Notes: This particular story contains a consensual spanking between two sibling adults and is not wincest oriented. (all comments are welcome and appreciated of course)

Dean was not a leader, not in the way his father was, not in the way he thinks Grandpa Campbell managed his family, or Bobby and Rufus were. There was something very simple in the way he approached his life; live and let live. He didn’t care what other people were doing, when they were doing it and why. He had one purpose in life, to hunt monsters and certify to the masses they would not be causing any more trouble by the time he left town.

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Sorry for any mistakes, I haven't written anything big in ages but I hope you can still enjoy this, SbS :)
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Author: spankedbyspike
Title: Growing Up
Fandom: Supernatural
Character: A Winchester Brother
Words: 204
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG

Young and untried, everywhere I went
With my brother or by my awesome self
Under the car or over the bedroom shelves
My adventures were vivid and I was always spent

The woods were our castle and the valleys mystical
The ripped clothes and the often smudged skin
Were certainly worth all the tears and spankings
Because in my heart everything was simply magical

Nowadays, forests are scary and full of mythical creatures
Angels and Demons, Beasts and all types of halflings
Make my days and nights, even my dreams, a world full of fears
Thanks though for small wonders, Castiel and a trusworthy sibling

Sure, discipline at home had never been great for boneheads
Day in and day out, there was an impetus to study, comply and obey
I learned to mind myself, and others, with a slap on the back of the head
Sometimes with the sting of the belt, you take on to shut up and pray

But never was a spirit broken, just taught, and strenghtened
No more concerned about being ordered to the dreaded shed
Than knowing how to throw a knife, shoot targets or filet a caught fish
Reading dead languages, learning about spells, and becoming unselfish...

The End
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The inspired [ profile] wildblueyonder6 wrote a fetching story inspired by a prompt of mine (ie an exercise we played at [ profile] spn_spankings with the November Plot Bunnies

Wihtout further Ado here is: Belated Beat Down with an awesome Dean who is not a match to a fabulous John!
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Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Artist: [ profile] milly_gal
Type of work: Fiction et Art
Title: From his Knees: A World of Discoveries
Fandom: The Avengers
Main Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Tony/bruce, Pepper
Type of Fiction: BDSM
Beta: the wonderful [ profile] angelus2hot
Summary: Tony and Bruce are all on the edge and Pepper has an idea: they need to relieve their stress in a unique way, a special time in which Control takes a different meaning and they discover layers upon layers beneath those they present to the world at large.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1441 (for Part 2, next Part will be posted soon)
Created for the following Prompt: Control is always important where Bruce is concerned (Master Tony / slave bruce) for the end of year challenge at [ profile] slaveexchange designed by the inspired [ profile] phantisma.
Notes & Warnings: Adult Alternate Universe post all Marvels movies up to 2015. This is another type of Master/slave story that happen to neither be harsh or abusive (apologies but it is quite consensual and soft BDSM instead of pure slave fic).
Finally a special thank for the lovely [ profile] milly_gal whose art post can be found on her LJ and who has been a pleasure to work with. We would all be so luck as to work with someone so open and supportive! Best Holiday Wishes and thank you again ♥
Previous read in the series: Intro and Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Distracting...


Tony had for once slept like a baby. He liked having Bruce at home for so many reasons; contrary to the way he spent his down time with Pepper, he could do science stuff if he wanted to with his buddy, yet still get the same calming peace she provided. He could explore new processes, strength, interests’ BDSM wise in a whole different way. He could even discover new culinary flavors, what was not to like?

Distracting... (Chapter 2) )

Thanks for reading and enjoy the next Chapter ;-)
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Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Title: As the world turns round and round...
Fandom: The Originals
Pairing: Eliijah/klaus
Rating: PG-13
Implement: Hand and Belt
Word Count: 2485 words
Spoiler: Up to mid-season 3
Created for the Spankevent Advent Calendar at
[ profile] spanking_world
Prompt by [ profile] ficwriterjet : The Originals, Elijah & Klaus - It's the holidays, Klaus is morose and drunk when he runs into Elijah, he asks Elijah for forgiveness for whatever misdeed he's done recently, and causes a scene in public, Elijah takes him home and spanks him before telling him he's forgiven.

As the world turns round and round… by SpankedBySpike


(boy do I need to get icons with those bros too... Once I learn how to be good with graphic: i might finally make story banners one day, lol)

Klaus you promised to turn a new leaf. I expect nothing less than your best behavior with family, friend and allies.” Elijah was seething; as usual his brother’s boiling anger was destroying any hard-earned peace between factions and groups in their already volatile city.

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Hope you all have wonderful holidays

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Title: Don't Mess Around with Me or One of Mine
Author: Spankedbyspike
Characters: Sam, Dean, Cole (S10-01 & S10-02)
Rating: R
Implement(s): Cane, Strap, Paddle
Word Count: 2148
Type of Spanking: Punishment
Plot: Follows the events of the beginning of season 10 (no hint as to what specifically occurs if you have yet to see the show) and gives Dark!Dean a reason to go to work instead of drifting...
Notes: I personally wanted a longer ark of this but the Powers that be made a short work of that Dean... He was intense and on the dark side, so be warned there is no fluff here. Not betaed, so if you notice anything, please don't hesitate to pm me :)
Winter 2014 Challenge for Team New World Order - Work

Don't Mess with... )

It's been months since I wrote anything, I'd love to hear what some of my anonymous reader think of any stories, so if you have a moment... please do inspire my muse :)

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Decadent? Excessive? Not in my Dreams!
by Spanked by Spike

Dean Winchester & Crowley (King of Hell some days...)

Set sometimes in mid Season 9 (word count: 526 / NC-17)
Crowley/dean story written for the Valentine Challenge at [ profile] spanking_world
Crossposted at Original Community and AO3

Note: I know it's not a good ole parental spanking stories but for the few that will take a moment to discover it, I hope you'll enjoy and who knows? maybe comment, lol

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Authors: [ profile] always_angel and [ profile] spankedbyspike
Fiction: Jack's Been Naughty
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious
Type of Spanking: Parental (Brian O'Conner/jack O'Conner)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2385 words
Prompt: I've Been Naughty, Santa * Part of the 12 Days to Christmas challenge at [ profile] spanking_world
SummaryJack's (pre-teen) been naughty this Christmas; he touched daddy's muscle car...
Crossposted AO3 and at Original Community
Notes: This is a role play between the two authors that is cleaned up and posted for other people's enjoyment.
Please bear in mind there is spanking of a child in this story (not abusive), the whole thing is fictional and, as usual, we do not own the characters or benefit from it.
For those still inclined to read this, please enjoy, and consider commenting!

Jack's been Naughty... )

Thanks for Reading... And don't forget, Comments feed the muse :-)

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IMDB FF and FF1 / and Four Brothers’ movie

Title: Comeuppances

Author: spanked by spike

Fandoms: Four Brothers & The Fast and the Furious (1) movies

Spanking Pairings: Bobby/Angel (roman), Bobby/Brian Spilner O’Connor

Rating: PG-13 (some swearing and subject matter)

Prompt: Life is a Box of Chocolates

Summary: The Mercer brothers (from the Four Brothers’ movie by John Singleton with Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund) went through a bloody vengeance to close a dark moment in their past when their adoptive mother and then little brother were gunned down in the Mafia ridden streets of Detroit. Bobby the eldest son took over their childhood house and works in a garage now, Angel had left to the sunny skies of California to try to forget what he couldn’t fix anymore. There he goes by the name of Roman Pearce (21-22 here) and meet a rebellious teenager with whom he become friend and partner in crimes called Brian Spilner O’Connor (portrayed in the Fast and Furious series by Paul Walker, RIP). After a couple of years drifting and creating a name for themselves in local street races, they decide to go spend a couple of months back to Detroit and keep some of the heat related to their hotwiring car days away.

Note: This story predates the first Fast and Furious movie and follows the outcome of the Four Brothers’ one. Tyrese plays Angel in the Four Brothers and Roman in the Fast and Furious franchise.
Paul Walker was killed in  car accident right in the middle of the writing of this story, so the later part took a different direction than what was first intended, I hope the story still makes sense and he will be missed ♥

Word: 3720
Beta: A big thank you to [ profile] angelus2hot

Crossposted at [ profile] spanking_world for the 12 days of Christmas 2013 prompt challenge
I am posting this today on the day P.W is laid to rest in a private ceremony, so to keep things in a positive note, celebrating the joys of his life rather than his too early departure, here are some pictures of Tyrese and Paul:

Life is a box of Chocolate )


I'd love to discuss these fandoms more with other like minded fans :)

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To Part I
Story is a Single Shot within a potential larger Verse. This is the completed part :)

FIC                And Time Stood Still (2)
AUTHOR       [ profile] spankedbyspike

FANDOM       Fast and Furious Series (AU but based of first movie)
PAIRING        Brian/Mia, background Dom/letty
RATING         NC-17
WORDS         4049
WARNINGS   Supernatural Creatures, 1st Time, Caught in the Act, Anonymous Sex, Spanking, etc. Completely AU World but with a good basis on the actual series' characters...
In a world in which Vampires, Werewolves and other Supernatural creatures coexist silently with humans, a fortuitous encounter leads an Alpha Vampire from Miami to fight for his soul mate’s love no matter the differences that separate them.
PROMPT         List No 2 of the [ profile] quatermile_km
BANNERS       All three wonderful banners were made by [ profile] angelus2hot
: thank you darling!
NOTES           What was in my head and what time permitted ended up being two different worlds. Nevertheless, even though few members of the fandom seem to be into Brian/Mia as an actual couple, those of you that will still want to check the story please bare in mind that it has relatively explicit sexual situations. As well, I don't bash anyone and leave the door open to more interactions as the future Muse and comments may inspire... It's also the first time I write this pairing, so if there are blatant errors, typos, characterization flaws you are welcome to PM me and I will fix them plus update the post.
BETA              Thanks to sassygirl191 for the discussion and early beta. I wish my laptop didn't die and that we would have had more time to flesh this out :)
LINKS             Part 1 on my LJ, crossposted at prompting community, at the fast and furious lj community, at the spanking_world site for the 2013 rare fic challenge

bw banner by a2h

And Time Stood Still Part 2... )

Original Prompt: LIST # 2

Top 5 Kinks:
1.) Alpha/Beta/Omega;
2.) Anonymous Sex
3.) Vampire/Werewolf/Wereanimal:
- If Brian/Letty/Mia, the girls have to be of one form while Brian is of a different shifter.
- love to have some biting claims/markings as well
- Mia turning Brian if he's human against Dom's and especially Vince's wishes
4.) Dom/Sub - Brian can't be the sub,
5.) Wings
- One of the people in the pairings has wings, the other doesn't
- Those with wings are discriminated against
- Wings are hidden as tattoos, markings, or blemishes on the back;
Kinks or characters/pairings you DO NOT want to receive: Brian/Dom, Brian/Vince, Slash


ff banner 3 by a2h

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Title: And Time Stood Still

Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike

Summary: In a world in which Vampires, Werewolves and other Supernatural creatures coexist silently with humans, a fortuitous encounter leads an Alpha Vampire from Miami to fight for his soul mate’s love no matter the differences that separate them.

Themes Requested by [ profile] lord_spyridon at the [ profile] quartermile_km Kink Prompt Exchange found here:

Word Count: 3150 for Part 1 but 7265 words total

Special Thanks to
[ profile] angelus2hot for the 3 wonderful story banners she created for me. I rarely get one and these made my day ♥

Contains: Brian/Mia # Dom/sub # Alpha # Anonymous sex # Vampire, Werewolves, Faes # Wings # various Kinks # Very Mature & Explicit adult activities...

Dedicated to: Lord_spyridon, I hope this little story somehow fulfilled some of your expectations

ff story banner by a2h

And Time Stood Still (I)... )

To Part II

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Title: The very Picture of Penance
Author: [ profile] cordy69
and [ profile] spankedbyspike
Characters: Angel/lindsey, Spike
2654 WordsPG15 Rating for harshness and elements of humiliation – Hand and Belt spankings
Thanks to [ profile] razzie2414 for working ideas with me and [ profile] angelus2hot for the lovely read work. Awesome collaboration girls!
Notes: Happens in season 5 of Angel the Series after Angel finds out Lindsey has been impersonating Doyle, his fallen guide, to get Spike to do his work for him and dividing the team at Wolfram and Hart.
Crossposted at spanking_world and AO3 for me and on [ profile] cordy69 LJ.
Dedicated to: [ profile] spankingfemme for her belated Birthday present. We all wish you the Best ♥

The Very Picture of Penance... )
We Hope you had the Most Wonderful Birthday and that this little story will bring a smile to your face even if it is a bit late :-)


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Title: It Has to Be Done
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike

Characters: Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner
Series: Fast and Furious 6 (just pick up at the end for spoilers)
Warning: contain spanking of an adult
Words: 1715 for Part 2
Link to Part 1 or Link to AO3 in one part
Note: for [ profile] always_angel who wanted some Dom/brian spanking, hope this works J

Part 2... )

The End.

I hope you enjoyed my first foray in the Fast and Furious series J
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Title: It Has to Be Done
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike

Characters: Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner
Series: Fast and Furious 6 (just pick up at the end for spoilers)
Warning: contain spanking of an adult
Words: 1325 for Part 1                 Crossposted in one post at [ profile] spanking_world
Note: for [ profile] always_angel
who wanted some Dom/brian spanking, hope this works J
Read more... )

Link to Part 2

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Title: A World of Memories
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike

Rating: PG
Fandom: White Collar and Supernatural
Characters: John/dean, John/neal, Peter/neal
Word count: 1878 words
Summary: Neal is trying to steal a piece of jewelry and end up in a storage unit owned by John Winchester, finding some insightful journals and a new understanding of his own actions…
Dedicated to: [ profile] itsmecoon for her Birthday. I hope it will be a lovely one Sweetie ♥ ♥ ♥

A World of Memories... Happy Birthday C )

The End.                                          
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Oh Yeah Baby, by SbS (100 words, Mature)

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