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Artist/Author: [ profile] alecx_5 and [ profile] spankedbyspike
Type of work: Fiction
Title: In you I trust
Fandom: Supernatural Real People
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Jared/jeff, Jared, Jensen, Jeff (a J3 story in the making)
Type of Spanking: Adult
Implement(s): Hand
Summary: RPG with Jared as the Top, his boyfriend Jensen as a switch and Jeff as the submissive man spending the weekend; In this chapter, Jeff is discussing how he feels with the couple and express how bothered he is by his acquaintances thinking people like him are sluts. For the Naughty Bingo Card and the prompt ‘sluts’
Rating: Teen and up (words, nakedness)
Word Count: 2734 words
Notes & Warnings: Completely consensual spanking, lol
Spoiler up to: None, AU
Links to Previous Work in this Verse: part of our Naughty or Nice Bingo Card at [ profile] spanking_world

crossposted at spanking_world and AO3

In You I Trust... RPG version here... )

And the other reading option:

In You I Trust... Story version here... )

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Authors: [ profile] spankedbyspike and [ profile] alecx_5
Title: Silence is Golden
Fandom: Supernatural Real People
Prompt: Dirty Talk in the [ profile] spanking_world  Naughty Bingo Card
Implement: Hairbrush
Word: 3259
Summary: Jeff, in a submissive mode, is spending the weekend at Jared and Jensen house to clear his mind. In this part Jensen just admitted to be a Switch and Jared overhearing the boys sharing secrets decide to teach them that he, and he alone, controls the flow of information.
Rating/Warning: Teen and above (includes nakedness, bad words, some kissing…)
Links and Notes: Each story is a standalone moment in this verse but they do follow a linear path so it makes more sense to read it from the beginning (voyeur, then punished).

The names are simply used to give a likeliness in physical looks to the readers, in no case is this a representation of these people and their lives.


Silence is Golden - story format... )

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Silence is Golden - RPG Format )

The next story will be: In You I Trust

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And the Beat Goes On

Part 2 of the Naughty verse

Authors: [ profile] alecx5 and [ profile] spankedbyspike
Summery:RPG with Jared as the Dom, Jensen as the switch and Jeff as the Sub
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1884 words
Warning: Beware this verse leads to an AU J3 relationship
Prompt: Spanking_World’ Naughty Bingo Card (Prompt: punished) written Sunday, October 26, 2012
Note: This directly follow the prompt ‘voyeur’ (part 1) and you need to read that story first (2009 words) to appreciate this verse.
Alec has a wonderful banner on her site for this verse

Part 1

And the Beat goes On (punished) )

If you prefer here is the story version:

And the Beat goes On... Story version here... )

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Next Part: Dirty Talk ie Silence is Golden


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Alec and me decided to work on our Naughty card together and picked five prompts in which we will explore one simple verse. We decided to go AU (so no real relationships, families, job description etc...) with for a rare moment in fanfiction, JDM being the submissive to both J2's.

Expect the last story to include sex (the beautiful kind) but anything along the way is mostly going to be spanking. By now, most people should have tuned out, so for the few brave souls out there: enjoy!

Setting you Up by [ profile] alecx5 and [ profile] spankedbyspike

Summary: RPG with Jared as the Dom, Jensen as the switch and Jeff as the Sub, completely AU, we only use their physical likeliness.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2009
Warning: this verse leads to an AU J3 relationship
[ profile] spanking_world Naughty Bingo Card (Prompt: voyeur) written Sunday, October 26, 2012

Crossposted at spanking_world and AO3

Setting you Up (Voyeur) )

And if you prefer, Read the story version:

Setting You Up... Story version here... )

Setting you Up (Part one of the Naughty verse)

There was no smoke in this bar, no boisterous laughs, no girls and boys in various state of undress that reminded him of the lively and memorable nights he had spent in such establishments in his mis-spent youth. Jeff longed for a smoke, a powerful drag that will clear his mind and burn his lungs but Houston nowadays was as politically correct as all the other business centers he had to visit. New York City, Los Angeles, Denver, no one had any bloody right to smoke anymore, just the right to get drunk enough to roll off a table and have a barman call you a cab. He was fed up, close to a break down and thankful that now he had an outlet, a safe place to help him deal with his frustrations, set him straight, return him to his crazy world able to function again.

Across from him Jared sat sprawled and looking at him with a welcoming gaze, he always made it so easy to come to him, to them or simply help. No judgment, just a small smile that spoke as much as his kind eyes could convey of the pleasure he had to know Jeff trusted him, and in a way loved him enough to call when needed.

Jensen has settled back and looked at Jeff for a few moments; the older man looked stressed out and as he and Jared both knew that could be dangerous. Jeff tended to go down the wrong path when he felt things got too much for him to handle. The man looked strong and intelligent and he really was but that didn't stop him from, in the heat of passion, expressing his needs and the darkest desires he otherwise hid from the world around him. Jared licked his lips as if tasting Jeff already as he leaned back almost content and lazy. Out of the three men sitting at the table, he was the one who had it the most together; though with his dimples and puppy eyes you may not believe it at first glance. When either man surrounding him needed to be taken in hand he didn't think twice about it. "So Jeff, what's going on?" He asked. "You had us pretty worried after your phone call."

"Just finished a merger, man. I had so little sleep, so many drinks... I was living off coffee and strong will but I couldn't wait for the last freaking signature to go on this contract and head here. I needed that appointment, like I needed breathing… In fact, I couldn't think of anything else." Jeff finished on a whisper but looking Jared in the eyes, not afraid or confrontational, just honest, sharing the reality that was his life, having learned long ago to trust that man, no matter the fact he was younger and living in another city, or even the fact he was already involved with Jensen. Jeff couldn't explain it and he didn't have to, he just had to come clean and express his need.

Jensen frowned; he understood what it felt like to have your whole world crashing down on you. He never understood how Jared seemed to have his shit together all the time but he had long ago stopped questioning it. He watched the older man's movements and smiled, a spark of lust in his eyes. "Sounds like we're going to have a really great weekend together," he smirked looking also at Jared. As far as Jeff knew Jensen was just as hard ass as Jared was and Jensen liked it that way. "Little eager aren’t we?" Jared smiled as he finished off his drink. He got up and sat down next to Jeff. "Open your pants," he ordered. "Now!" When at first Jeff didn't move Jared just laughed softly. "Make me tell you again and I will take you into the bathroom and let my belt do the convincing."

 That was all the incentive needed... Deftly Jeff silently opened his leather belt and the button behind it. His hand hesitated for a fraction unzipping but knowing his choice was taken out of his hand, he tried as silently as possible to comply. Underneath, he was wearing a silk boxer. He liked to feel of the soft material caressing his most sensitive skin with every movement but now it also meant that he could be bared much more easily.

Jeff never thought of Jared or himself being an exhibitionist so maybe they were catering to Jensen voyeuristic tendencies? His heart speed up, he really didn't want to be caught with his pants down and get an indecent exposure label attached to his name, but he also had learned early that Jared did not make any threats idly and sitting on a belted ass was just not that appealing.

Jared reached down and put his hand inside Jeff's pants, his hand playing gently over the hairless cock and balls. "See, you remembered this time," the younger man teased. "Bet Jensen would love to get his mouth on this bare cock wouldn't you Jensen?" Before his boyfriend could answer however Jared started to stroke Jeff very slowly, almost painfully slow. It was obvious that he was going to tease the ever living hell out of Jeff tonight. "Call the waitress boy, order us another round of drinks," Jared ordered.

Jeff raised his hand. He wouldn't shout an order; just gesture around the table once her attention was on him. After all as a CEO he was used to commending attention. Still he panicked a bit at the idea of being handled in public and even more about all the screwy things Jared could do to him, once she came to the table with the drinks and expecting payment for the tab.

Jared moved his hand under the table again, over Jeff exposed cock and watched as the man did as he was told. "Better hope she doesn't see you being used right here in the middle of the bar huh?" He teased his boy stroking faster as the young woman taking care of them made herself known. "What can I get you gentlemen?" She asked nicely.

"Three beers on tap, thanks." Jeff voice squeaked a bit at the end when Jared fingers closed more forcefully under the head of his now fully erect cock. This was going to be a nightmare! Both of Jeff hands where on the table hiding fairly well any line of sight to his unbuttoned pants but he had started sweating and was truly concerned she could read him as well as the two men in his company could and guess what kind of games they were playing.

Jensen watched the pair playing before him, his hard erection straining against his tighter jeans. He wanted very much to join but thought it better to wait. He bit his bottom lip reaching down and palming his own hard cock. "Mm, very good," Jared praised, voice smooth and like velvet as the waitress left to fill the order.

Very Good? The man was crazy! How is playing with him in public a way to reduce stress? "What the fuck Jared?" As soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted the outburst; this was no way to address a Top, this Particular Top, his Top.

 Jared raised an eyebrow and brought his hand down sharply on the older man's balls. "And who do you think you are?" He snapped taking his hand away. "Pull your pants up," he ordered his eyes looking to Jensen. "Go pay the tab and meet us at the car," he snapped speaking to Jensen more as a Top than an equal. He was treating his boyfriend a little differently that night and he knew Jensen, if no one else had noticed. The boy merely jumped up to do as he was told as Jared grabbed Jeff by the back of the collar and pulled him up barely giving him enough time to adjust his pants.

Once outside, Jared gave the older man a hard shove towards his car. "Seems you have forgotten your place, let’s see if I can help you remember," he snapped. "Drop your pants and underwear and bend over the hood!"

Fuck, he had done it. How hard can it be to shut up Sure he was stressed but the evening was meant to reacquaint with each other, to prepare for the long weekend in Jared’s ranch house not to get the stress get to his head and precipitate the outcome. Jeff wasn't keen to get the cane, not that he liked the belt either but mouthing off to Jared was usually akin to getting his hide tanned by an implement, and Jeff wasn't looking forward to it.

"Here?" The look on Jared couldn't be mistaken: It was his way or the highway. Thankful for the fact there wasn't a soul in sight, Jeff faced the shiny hood of the car and much faster than before dropped trou, hoping that if he complied fast enough the whole ordeal would be over before an unsuspecting person managed to catch him in such a humiliating position.

 Jared had to admit he loved when a man submitted to him; he got off on the power and on their pain and humiliation. He undid his belt and waited until Jeff was bare and bent over. He brought the belt down right in the center of the older man's ass with a loud snap before pulling back and repeating the motion starting at the top and working his way down.

His belt only snapped ten times, but each left a fiery blaze behind and he wondered how the heck did Jared manage to cover so much space in so little time? Jeff had his eyes tightly closed and send a little prayer to his angel for the fact that the noise coming from the open door of the bar only reached him because Jensen was back at their side.

Not that being bare in front of the young Top was much better but the hot stripes on his behind had the effect of focusing him on the here and now and most appropriately on what Jared wanted and when he wanted it. The Executive didn't move from his spot, the light Fall breeze cooling his behind but not his mind because ‘come on’, it was late but still a fairly public place... How could Jared, who lived here, not be bothered by that?

"Get your pants up and get in the car," Jared ordered. "Unless you want a few more?" He had no shame, he was more than proud of his status in their world and even more proud that he could cause such powerful men to break and serve at his feet. He enjoyed every moment of it and he was getting to the point where he wanted it all the much more.

Jensen watched the last snap or two of the belt; he was a little shocked though. Jared hadn't done something like that since ... Well, he wasn't really sure. At the club they went to? That was one thing but this was a public parking lot outside a normal bar. "Jared, we should go," he snapped, his eyes wide as he got into the car.

When his boyfriend opened his side, and with Jeff eagerly holding his pants tight and hurrying to the back seat, Jared slipped into the driver's side and started the car up. He pulled onto the main road and headed towards the house. Not exactly the best way to start off the weekend but then again this could lead to a lot of fun for some of them...

The End.

Next Part: And the Beat Goes On (for prompt: Punished)

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Title: Pleasure knows no bound

Co-authored by: [ profile] jjia912and [ profile] spankedbyspike

Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual activities

Summary: In the same world (this is the second story) as A Whole New World to Discover, Were!Jared and were!Jensen revisit the erotic spanking the discovered in their couple.

Word count 1740 words

Team Erotic ~ Role Play * August 2012 * Created for [ profile] spn_spankings Summer Team Challenge
Crossposted at the Community

Pleasure Knows No Bound... )

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Title: A Whole New World to Discover

Co-authored by: [ profile] jjia912 and [ profile] spankedbyspike

Rating: NC-17 for sexual activities

Summary: Were Jared, found his mate, a younger Omega named Jensen. Their life is good but Jared knows it would be even better with the introduction of spanking in their relationship... Jensen doubts it.

Word count 2098 words

Team Erotic ~ Role Play * July 2012 * Created for [ profile] spn_spankings Summer Team Challenge

Story in the same Verse: Pleasure Knows no Bound
Story cross-posted at the spn_spanking community too

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A Whole New World )

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