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The inspired [ profile] wildblueyonder6 wrote a fetching story inspired by a prompt of mine (ie an exercise we played at [ profile] spn_spankings with the November Plot Bunnies

Wihtout further Ado here is: Belated Beat Down with an awesome Dean who is not a match to a fabulous John!
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Hey friends,

For those that get this on their friend page, Xanthe was interviewed for the publication of her first Original Fiction work here  and the 20 or so questions are quite interesting.

If you know her work in the NCIS, Suits, X-Files, Stargate Atlantis world, you know she is very prolific and inspired, I am curious to see how Ricochet reads and the price is just right anyway.

Again, if you just want to read the interview and/or comment, the link is:

Night and good reading everyone!

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After seeing this fanmix by [ profile] ldyghstwhisprer here: I wandered if the few friends I have on my Friend list know of more fanmixes inspired/related to John Winchester out there and if you do can i get some links?

If those existed and you can let me know where to find them, that would be soooo awesome! 

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List to be updated every round with actual punishment or/and spanking elements in nominated stories.

Jaysawyer Insubordination
Jasmasson Vanilla
Starhawk2005 Spank you very much
Nephthys101 All in a day's work
Ash Carpenter Martyr
Jaysawyer Bandana Series
Lovesrain44 Phantom Load


BtVS Hidden Desires
BtVS Childe of my Heart
AtS Angel & Roxanne
AtS Something unexpected
BtVS and AtS To Love, Honor and Obey
AtS Cling
BtVS/AtS Ranch Hands
BtVS The Collector
BtVS/AtS Double or Nothing
BtVS/AtS Me Too
BtVS/AtS Hardcore Housewives
AtS/BtVS An eye for an eye
AtS/BtvS Madhouse
AtS A Tale of 2 Princes
Ats Hell is a Lie

X-Files 24/7
X-Files Walter Skinner Day's off
Star Trek Equal Opportunity
Torchwood The Taming of Captain John Hart
Torchwood Game On
SGA Never a forever Thing
SGA Coming Home
Dr Who Dragons of Kalin
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