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Very well done post by [ profile] brokenhighways in [ profile] spn_writing about the virtues and import of commenting here started a very interesting conversation to enjoy or/and contribute to.
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We all need a little or big nudge to the top, so here it is: My Wish today is for us all to get a Better Health, get more Inspiration, make the kind of money that would allow us to actually live our dreams, have more Opportunities, find or keep Fulfilling Jobs and Friendships, and have a chance to make the most memorable of memories!
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I don't want to explain the intricacies of life to anyone, and I don't want to have to explain my failures to the world.

But I don't live in a vaccuum, I live amongst friends and foes, people that are indifferent and others who feel too much, abused souls and terrorizing bastards, powerless folks and those holding a power sometimes benevolent and sometimes crushing.

I believe in education, in the fact that if people would only know, they would re-act. And I have not re-acted, I have kept my thoughts private, I had counted my steps eager to frame my reactions in an acceptable way, so it was okay... I just don't know okay for who.

We read about these incredibly heroic feasts, we watch our favorite characters defeat evil day in and day out, we may even dream about their struggle and stand by their sides when they win, but we do not make a difference.

Is it a choice? Do we all make the same choice? Is there really such a need for a leader that alone we'd rather be an impassive and uninvolved member of our society? I am not happy with the picture portrayed of myself, in particular with my silence. What would be my participation to education if I internalize it all and never share anything?

I want to recognize the lives and contributions of people in Lebanon, Japan, and France; of those in Mexico, in the Mediterannean depths, in Guinea; of many lost in wars, in disasters, in hunger, in slavery, in bullying, in curable illnesses, and in indifference... You are remembered, your plights are remembered, the world of those you left behind is worth fighting for and making it better, one step at a time!
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My kid just got a tweet that Paul Walker may have died in a car accident yesterday afternoon? If that is true, it is just too sad for words... And I was in the middle of chapter 4 in a Fast and Furious story... I can't finish this now.

His life really was cut short, how will the 7th movie end? I can't even try to imagine the devastation for his family and friends, it's good to hope he is in a better place now and he will be seriously missed.
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