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Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Type of work: Fiction
Title: Our Filthy World – At night…
Fandom: Angel the series
Pairing: Wes/Lilah
Type of Spanking: Sexy
Implement: Hand
Summary: Lilah is at Wes place for one of their sexy time outside the books...
Rating: NC 17
Word count: 1555 words
Notes or Warnings: Actual Sex and Spanking in the story... Don't read at work... This story was written for 3 different prompts:
Voyeur Challenge Image Prompt at [ profile] spanking_world: photo 5 included below
Spanked by Spike Prompt Table: “Bit early for this, ain’t it?”
Milly_Gal Prompt Table: "This isn't my first rodeo, you know that, right?"

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Title: Crime and Spanking
Author: Spanked by Spike [ profile] spankedbyspike
Fandom: Supernatural End of Season 4 – Missing scene - PG13
Characters: Dean and Sam Winchesters, sibling relationship
Implement: Hand, Hairbrush, Belt
Prompt Words for the Team Chalenge at [ profile] spn_spankings: Betrayal, Resolutions, Crime and Punishment, Truth(s) and Lie(s), Epiphany
Words: 4405
A Special Thank You for the perfect Illustrations prepared for this story by the enchanting [ profile] jj1564 who found the time to help in her busy schedule: you rock!
Summary: Ruby has created quite the wedge between the two brothers and finally when she is killed it gives the opportunity to Dean and Sam to figure how to fix their strained relationship.
Author’s Notes: This particular story contains a consensual spanking between two sibling adults and is not wincest oriented. (all comments are welcome and appreciated of course)

Dean was not a leader, not in the way his father was, not in the way he thinks Grandpa Campbell managed his family, or Bobby and Rufus were. There was something very simple in the way he approached his life; live and let live. He didn’t care what other people were doing, when they were doing it and why. He had one purpose in life, to hunt monsters and certify to the masses they would not be causing any more trouble by the time he left town.

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Sorry for any mistakes, I haven't written anything big in ages but I hope you can still enjoy this, SbS :)
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Hello dear friends,

If you are looking for a new challenge that may inspire your muse through team work, please consider any of the folowing:
1/ mention this 2017 SPN Team Challenge on your page or group to invite more peeps to join
2/ join a team (Unique, Emotional or Dramatic) by February 5th
3/ become a member of [ profile] spn_spankings and comment on the entries to get extra points to the authors/artists and get access to the unique stories posted there.
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Hope you would have the time and inclination to check it out, it could be quite fun :)
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Originally posted by [ profile] phantisma at Calling all artists!
Hey everyone, it looks like we are low on artists again. Could I ask a favor of all of you following this comm?

Could you post in your journals, and maybe in some fandom comms (only if they allow it) and whatever other ways you might know to invite folks who do fan works other than writing to come claim a story prompt?

We're looking for:

Stargate SG1 and SGA
Supernatural RPF
Teen Wolf
Star Trek / Suits

I hpe any inspired Artist in my flist with some free time will check it out :-)
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