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This is for [ profile] foxfire90 and her new community [ profile] svu_discipline don't hesitate to check it out and participate if you know the fandom :)

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I hope to be better at graphics soon :)
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Title: Promises, promises
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Type of Work: Birthday Fic
Words: 1478
Rating: NC-17
Summary: post movie, Ray and Walter are together in a domestic discipline relationship. Ray is coming back from a long assignment away from home and managed to earn some punishment and have some fun too…
Dedicated to: [ profile] carlyinrome. Best Wishes for the Holidays ♥ and Happy Birthday!
Request made at [ profile] spanking_world, where this is crossposted. Also on AO3.

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I Hope you had a Wonderful Birthday and that I was good to your beloved characters :)

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Title: A Tale of Two Spankings
Author: Spankedbyspike
Rating: Mature towards Explicit
Pairing: She/J2,
Note: Please check the bottom for the complete prompt by alexc_5

This wouldn’t do. Her lovers had been at it for three days now, partying like there was no tomorrow. They haven’t seen the inside of their office for a week, the scripts they needed to review where still in the unopened envelopes, and the last decent meal anyone has seen in the house was two mornings ago. Dramatic and unacceptable of course.

The amount of muscles her men had put on wouldn’t suffer from a beer or two, even a whole pack, but sleep deprivation, and forgetting to charge their phones because they were passed out by the pool just would not cut it.

She had traveled all morning and came back to a messy house. Jensen was asleep by the pool, which was stupid because he was burning so easily and Jared for whatever reason was lying by the dog house under the huge willow tree. Quickly dropping her travel back in the walking closet she undressed and took a quick and refreshing shower. Foregoing the bra, she simply put a comfortable pair of panties, a cozy short and a comfy tee. She grabbed few bottles of water from the fridge and went to deal with her lethargic lovers.

She started by pouring down some of the cold water on Jensen freckled torso and he jumped up a foot yelping and lost. She smiled bashfully and as he settled down she bent to kiss him quickly. He smiled back and pulled her to him, she fell between his legs laughing and getting wet as well. They kissed for a few more minutes and it was easy to see how happy he was to see her. His erection was insistent and his hands were roaming all over her body, they both knew where this was going but she had other plans. With both hands on his chest, she pushed him back and whispered.

“Why don’t you go in our playroom? And wait for me on your bench?”

“Love, I want you in our bed, you’ve been gone too long…” He knew he was whining but Jensen was also well aware of what was going on in that room, and he had a hunch it wasn’t going to be the pleasant reunion he had hoped for.

She stood and waited for him to get his footing right and heading towards the house before picking up one of the bottle she dropped and fetching her other boy, Jared. He was now on his side, his tee-shirt bunched at his mid section, his jeans riding low, presenting the perfect target; she didn’t hesitate and poured some cold water on his heated skin. He rolled on the grass like a big dog and started with the insults before even opening his eyes. He was going to get Jensen for this!

“Baby, you’re here!” He was so happy to see she was back he forgot about the abrupt wake-up call. He jumped on his feet, quite the feat for a man of his size and he hugged the living daylight of her. She loved feeling small and weightless in his arms and the spin at the end made her laugh carelessly as happy as he was to be back home.

The kiss was as passionate as Jensen’s and she was quickly breathless.

“Find a corner in the playroom and wait for me Jared!”

“But! I didn’t… Why?”

“Because I said so. And since when do you dispute my orders? You want some extra licks… You just continue this way, Jare!”

He didn’t add a word, just looked down at his feet, shuffled a bit and then darted to find his corner. She slowly went around the pool picking up their shirts, some swim trunks, toys for the dogs and tidying a little.

There was no reason to rush, they deserved to spend some time sobering up and thinking about their untidiness, and the work they haven’t even started... The kitchen was on her way so she stopped to pick a wooden spoon, a large black plastic spatula, and a kitchen towel that she soaked thoroughly in the sink before going to the well appointed playroom they built.

Jensen was laying on his spanking bench. He was comfortable if not a little dizzy because his head was lower than the rest of his body, but the arms and knees rests did their job well and the naked form of her lover was displayed to perfection. She walked to him and spanked him with her open hand a couple of times, the blooming of the outline of her hand on his freckled skin was fading too fast but the flinches were a good tell of how much impact the blows had. So she did it again concentrating on the sit spot only satisfied until the squirming of the punished man submitting to her was too intense. She dropped to her knees by Jensen’s head and whispered to him.

“Do you know why instead of enjoying a rump on the bed with the both of you, we are here?”

Jensen eyes were bright, no tears were shed yet but he felt the sting of that hand spanking and had already reviewed his options.

“Because we barely worked but partied all the time you were gone?”

“Yes, that’s a good way to say it. What do you think we should do about this?”

“Be punished? But I don’t want to. You didn’t tell us when you were coming back. Please?”

She stood again, Jensen’s eyes now riveted to her red painted manicured toes.

“So if I am not here, none of the rules we have apply?”

Jensen knew right there he dug his own very deep grave...

“Well then Jen, you are going to enjoy the entertainment.”

She turned towards Jared who was lying against his corner, slouching partially, not looking their way at all. Sashaying deliberately, she pinched Jare’s ear and pulled until he was standing straight as an arrow. Perfect posture finally attained, she released his red ear.

He was naked, like Jensen, knowing full well the required attire in this room. She was happy that at least some rules did not have to be re-explained. She pushed her knee between his, forcing him to open his stance, his semi-hard cock peeking in the vee.

“You are thinking about something sexy Jare? I thought we made some things clear last time you spent the afternoon here. “

Jared mumbled, “I remember.” The memory of the long session on the rack was not easy to forget, it helped him regain composure and become flaccid in a moment.

“Are you ready for shooting next week?”


“What do you have to say for yourself?”


“Why is there an interrogative tilt to that sorry?”

Gosh he had a knack to put his foot in the mouth sometimes! What he needed was more sleep.

“No baby, I am really sorry. We took it pretty easy this week, and I know we were wrong.”

“True, you were. Back up a bit and touch your toes.”

Jared hated this position; he was build for muscle development not stretching… She knew it and took advantage of the situation. Like for Jensen, she peppered Jared ass with well aimed slaps, drawing her arm back and targeting his sit spot as well, staying on mark until the skin took the red hue she aimed for.

She lowered herself here too.

“Jared what do bad boys deserve?”

“They ought to be punished.” His voice was congested but she heard him clearly.

“Where you and Jensen bad?”

“Yes, honey we were.”

There was really no reason to deny it at this point. He was sober, wide awake and his butt was hurting, truth would set them free… much faster.

She was tired too so she went to grab the bottles of water and brought one to both of her men, releasing them from their positions to refresh themselves a bit. She knew this was just a warm up and soon enough they would end up on her lap, begging for the strapping to stop, promising to be good if only she would bring the discipline to an end, if she would wait…

She didn’t specifically like them begging but she absolutely relished their tears, those rare moments in which the tough boy persona disappeared and they were just hers, in a way no one ever saw them, raw and innocent, nothing left to hide and only love filling their heart, passion and a genuine desire to make things right.

She would hate the strap too, if she was in their position. That was such an unforgiving implement, and she had become an expert at yielding it. But together they found what they needed and spanking her husbands no matter how harsh it must be works for their little family.

She knew as usual, she would send them to bed with a hug, and a chastity belt on. There was a no play rule for 24 hours following a punishment and that was her only concession to the domestic discipline contract they made. They all would feel the pain of the spanking… And as agreement goes, this one is a proven winner!

The End.

Birthday Prompt by alecx_5:

Fandom: Supernatural RPS (J2)
Pairing: Jensen, Jared and OFC (other female character LoL)
Implement: Strap (or more ^^)
Genre: Discipline
Subject: J2 are in a committed adult discipline relationship with a female character. They all love one another but the female is very strict, not treating them as slaves but correcting them when they break rules or behave badly. Don't really care what they do but I would love for it to be bad enough to call for the boys to be punished severally. She spanks both of them, maybe some corner time and grounding.
Notes: I really want the female to be a caring partner, so after she whacks the shit out of them she is very loving, telling them that she forgives them and so on. Crying/guilty boys please! A realistic relationship I guess and I'd like them to for the most part to be equal if that makes any since, she doesn't torture them sexually or demand to be called Mistress. Though I think it would be hot if she never mixes sex and spankings, so after they are punished they have no sex until at least the next day. Who the female is completely is up to you ^_^
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Well, I posted this prompt at the SPN Priest meme created by the inspired [ profile] digitic and here you can read what the surprising and awesome story by [ profile] tattooeddevil is; Enjoy!

[ profile] spankedbyspike wrote:
Oct. 21st, 2012 11:53 pm (UTC)
REQUEST: Appalachian Rules

Down here, things are simple; you follow the rules set by your elders and most of all the ones set by your priest. The town is small, and daily services are the norm. However, on Sundays, sinners are dealt their cards and punished publicly.

It’s old school, backward thinking and harsh but in the bible belt inner counties, the pastor is king and what he says go.

Pastor Jared is well established in the congregation and is not thinking twice about setting wayward youths like this hoodlum of Jensen or Dean (as you prefer) on the straight and narrow path. If swift justice is done it’s going to be in front of the congregation (maybe filled of characters or actors we know and linked to SPN but doesn't have to be) and the rest is up to the author(s)…

If you have any question, just ask. To comply with the rules if you pick Dean he needs to be at least 16, if you select Jensen he must be at least 18. :)

Edited at 2012-10-22 12:00 am (UTC)

Read the Story... )

Thank you again for the fill !
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Title: Just Ask, Baby
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Pairings: Jared/genevieve
Fandom: SPN Real People
Type of Work: Fiction for [ profile] knottysocks
Type of Spanking: light Domestic Discipline
Summary: Jared and Gen meets Danneel and Jensen for dinner at a nice restaurants, and thanks to the alcohol, Gen gets a little ahead of herself and berates Jared, etc... Fed up he brings her home and thanks to the Domestic Discipline contract they've started implementing he feels a good spanking might help.
Implement: Hand, Paddle, Crop
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 1658
Challenge: Rock You Challenge 
Author's Notes/Warnings: This is for the 2nd request made by knottysocks here
Sorry I am a little late but I lost the complete first part of the story (3 pages in which the part about Jensen voyeur was actually covered). I looked for it for 5 days but instead of wasting more time I just went away and posted the actual story. I hope this will still be a bit of what you wanted and I will try to revisit the prequel.
There are no spoilers, everything is pure fabrication...
As well it's my first story in this pairing and I cannot promise it will be as awesome as could be. Not betaed but proof-read, so please do not hesitate to point mistakes, thanks!

Just Ask, Baby )

Thank you for reading!

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Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Type of work: Birthday Prezzie Fiction for [ profile] tyanne_b
Title: Finally...
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoiler: Up to the Episode Faith in Season 1 (post Asylum and Scarecrow but before Faith)
Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Dean Winchester/sam Winchester
Type of Spanking: Consensual, Adult Punishment
Implement(s): Hand and Belt
Summary: Dean is tired of the way Sam treats him, casually making fun of what a good soldier boy he is to their Dad, etc and the atmosphere between the two is getting poisoned by it. Dean suggest a way to clear the air by spanking Sam who of course refuses on account he is too old for such resolution of their differences... Still, as things progress, Sam revisit the situation and ask his big brother for THE spanking.
Rating: PG-15 
Word Count: 2515
Notes & Warnings: This is the story of a spanking between two adult brothers. It is a present for the lovely Ty. The original prompt can be found here at [ profile] spanking_world and I couldn't exactly fit the teasing at the end, because I worked for two weeks on this and still only finished it a couple of hours ago. I ran out of time but I still hope this is a nice read for what you envisioned.


Finally... the story )
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Well, as you know [ profile] angelus2hot opened to put all those lost prompts we have in neat and inspiring categories.

So among other things I posted this prompt:
Horror Stories
: John with Sam and Dean (younger than ten) OR John with young Adam (if you prefer).
Prompt:John reads children stories to his kids, stuff like Where the Wild Things Are, the Grimm brother fairytales, etc and we see how his children and himself react to what they are afraid of, believe in, and suspect...

And the wonderful [ profile] vexed_wench answered with this little gem (John reads to young Adam) called My Boy

It's really sweet and cute and a bit sad too.

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Author's Name: Spanked by Spike
Story Banners by:
[ profile] angelus2hot
Title: In the Service of his Master
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 13,034
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester/dean Smith (not related), John Winchester, Alastair.
Story Summary: Sam, a doctor in the ER services of a hospital in San Francisco must leave town to help his father, a Hunter, deal with a Supernatural being close to Portland, OR. There, he discovers a submissive man, dean, and starts a BDSM relationship that could change his life.
Warnings: Mature wording, concepts and content with explicit sex, BDSM elements, some non sexual and non graphic abuse and Spanking
Link to Story:

Original Prompt: AC06 with Master: Jared or Sam; Slave: Jensen or dean
Primary Prompt Phrase: BDSM gone wrong, healing Secondary Prompt Phrase: Mute!jen (dean), ER doc + Dom! Jared (Sam)

For Round 1 of Slave Exchange: 

Note 1: Thanks to Phantisma for setting this wonderful challenge and community and I really hope that my take on this prompt will meet the prompter agreement.

Note 2: I read plenty of hardcore things but somehow I started working on this challenge and got stuck hesitating between AC02 and AC06 and at the end of it all, I went with a more contemporary (as much as can be in this fictional work) view of what could be the setting of an actual Master/slave relationship rather than being based on an existing world/society that already condones it. I hope you won’t mind.

Read Part 1


Sam was seething. He understood Dean had a life before they met but he never liked unknown elements coming to head with his nicely laid plans… He didn’t want to stress Dean more than he was though, so he kept a large hand on his trembling thighs on the way back home and drove as fast as he could.

Read more... )

Thank you so much for reading :)

In this verse there is now a follow-up story called The Rules of the Game

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Author's Name: Spankedbyspike
Title: In the Service of His Master
Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 13034

Pairing/Characters: Sam/dean (not related)
Story Summary: Sam, a doctor working in the ER services of a hospital in San Francisco must leave town to help his father, a Hunter, deal with a Supernatural being close to Portland. There he discovers a submissive man, Dean, and starts a BDSM relationship that could change his life.
Warnings: Mature wording, concepts and content, BDSM elements, some non sexual and non graphic abuse, and Spanking
Link to Community: & Crossposted at: 
Story Banner: Angelus2hot

Prompt: AC06
Master: Jared or Sam
Slave: Jensen or Dean
Primary Prompt Phrase: BDSM gone wrong, healing
Secondary Prompt Phrase: Mute!Jen (Dean), ER Doc + Dom! Jared (Sam)
Round 1

Note 1: Thanks to Phantisma for setting this wonderful challenge and community and I really hope that my take on this prompt will meet the prompter agreement.

Note 2: I read plenty of hardcore things but somehow I started working on this challenge and got stuck hesitating between AC02 and AC06 and at the end of it all, I went with a more contemporary (as much as can be in this fictional work) view of what could be the setting of an actual Master/slave relationship rather than being based on an existing world/society that already condones it. I hope you won’t mind.


Enjoy the story and Cheers to everyone!


Time was running out. Sam had found his father passed out and bloody next to the decomposing body of the demon he had slain. John had managed a call for back up just before the battle broke and Sam made sure to have every potential supplies to patch his Daddy, as often needed.

Creating a sling for his broken arm was easy. Cleaning and closing the large gash on his cheek a piece of cake, dealing with the cracked ribs was another matter entirely that he will leave for the hospital and so he rushed the only family he had left to the Urgent Care unit he had already called in the next town. He’d take some time off and stay with his father until he could drag his stubborn ass back home.

Read more... )

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Title: A day in the Life…
Author: Spanked by Spike
Word Count: 1165 words
Pairing: Pre-J2
Rating: PG-13 (explicit words)
Summary: The J’s share a house and slowly build their friendship. Jared is surprised by how attuned he is suddenly to the noises made by a mute Jensen.
Dedicated to: atanih88 who requested a fic| CWRPS: J2, mute-Jensen, NC-17, first time, top-Jared and because I couldn’t finish the longer fic I am working on in time for the Fall Fandom Free For All 2011 I am offering a small scene to help her wait, and it’s based on this additional prompt: a little scene showing how Jared gets turned on at the sounds Jensen does make? Because he can't talk? I hope it will be alright and thanks for your patience .
Crossoposted at 

A Day in the Life... by SbS

Sweat was dripping in rivulets between Jensen shoulder blades and was getting lost in the loose t-shirt stretched across his back now that he folded himself in two, breathing harshly in the kitchen.

Jensen was just back from his run, a must on weekends, and he needed some water to replenish his body. He couldn’t hear the harsh sounds he made, fighting for breath, but as he tilted his head for a gulp of cold water from the bottle he just retrieved, the little whine of satisfaction carried through the house and never registered in his muted world.

He’d become Jared’s roommate few months ago, at the beginning of the school year. Jensen was going to a private school to become a Massage Therapist, Jared was studying acting, while working on the side at the animal shelter close to the small run down house they rented.

It was a good match, Jared was rarely there, and when he was home, he was loud enough that Jensen knew where he was at all time, reassuring him, even in his world of silence. Slowly Jared learned to always look at him when he talked and even all the basic words they needed in sign language. Jensen was leaving notes all over the house for him to find and feel included, and gradually was trying to learn to articulate the same basic words to get Jared’s attention when needed. They managed to live parallel lives without intruding on each other’s too much and Jared was even considerate enough to party with his friends at their place rather than bringing boisterous people here and stressing him.

Still, oblivious to anything else, he stretched, using the high countertop for balance, leaning on his sides, pulling his shoulders and his arms up, calming his breathing with smaller and timed but nevertheless discordant pants.

More J2 love this way... )

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Title: Awakening for You
Author: Spanked by Spike
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Real People AU
Pairing: Jeff/Jared
Words: 5082
Challenge: for [ profile] wolfish_willow and her request at Fall Fandom Free for All 2011. She requested JDM/Jared dating/first date/getting to know each other and I might have gone a bit overboard, oops...
Beta: Amidst the Tragedies of Real Life she faced, the lovely and encouraging [ profile] jaysawyer managed to review this little fic that could just in the nick of time for me to post it: THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it.
Additional thanks to [ profile] oxoniensis for holding the challenge, [ profile] angelus2hot for encouraging me to join and listening to my hesitations and [ profile] tbt93 for her support.
Notes: This is the story of how two people met, had dinner and then some fun! it is also my first real people fic and I hope that those of you used to read this sub genre will appreciate it or offer some welcome suggestions.
Disclaimer: Not Real, this fic just assume the likeliness of those two men. The author knows nothing of their real lives, real relationships and real actions; they are just borrowed for fun and play :)
Crossposted at AO3 and at JDM_RPF and at JDM/JP RPF

Awakening for You, SbS

Jared was in a hurry as usual. He’d been in town for two months and already between the heavy load he had committed to in his curriculum and the auditions for the various productions at work in the theater Department and in small community theatres all around town, he barely had time to sleep, even less to get the large banner he needed to bring to class advertising the upcoming program of free shows.

So, of course, when the bona fide owner of the Copy place next to the Starbucks found him seated on his porch waiting for him to open for business, it seemed a bit awkward.  He blew on his bangs to clear his vision of the large man smiling down at him and turned on the patented Padalecki puppy eyes before even starting the conversation; he really needed help.

“Man, what the heck?  It’s seven in the morning… What did you forget to print?” Jeffrey asked, his morning voice even more gravely than usual.

Read more... for Adults only! )

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Well everyone,

I'm finally going to sleep like a baby after all the nice candy Halloween (er my kids) will bring me....

Plus, the Awards at No Rest for the Wickeds are up, all the banners and all the comments posted. Go check if friends of yours or yourself got some pretties. I still have to update the list of fics at the archive but that's about it.

And now, to look forward, the Spn_Spankings Holiday Exchange Fic is open, and you can review and chose prompts  already. Those are for the advent calendar of fics and the prompts are really interesting, join us for some fun!

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Well they have an awesome idea at Fall Fandom Free for All, why don't you all check it out here: FALL FANDOM FREE FOR ALL, and my post can be found here: Link

1/  GIF ICON: Big Band Theory -   I'd love an animated Gif of the famous scene wher Sheldon try to learn how to smile and it just turns out purely creepy. (non sharable)

2/ ICON: Whedonverse  -  I absolutely need a pretty/snarky Spike, one you can look at and just fall all over in love again with the character. (non sharable)

3/ GIF  ICON: Whedonverse  -  I love Funny/Cracky Angel, Wesley, Cordy. If you can manage an animated icon with those three as doofus, I'd owe you big! (non sharable)

4/ GIF ICON:  Supernatural  -  I don't know if it is possible but i'd love an animated Gif with the boys as kids, teenagers and then adults. I'm thinking with an emphasis on brotherhood, PG oriented and all. (non sharable)

5/ ICON: Supernatural  -  J3 (Jeff/Jared/Jensen) in all their beauty, animated or not, with my lj name could be great. (non sharable)

6/ ICON: Supernatural/Real People  -  Jeffrey Dean Morgan (or as his character in SPN or The Losers) in all his glory. (non sharable)

7/  ICON: X-Files  -  A little something with Mulder, Kryceck, Skinner maybe, if not Mulder and Scully...

8/  FICTION: Whedonverse  -  AU Threesome with either Angel/Cordy/Wes or Angel/Cordy/Spike, it can be one couple and then the other or all three at the same time, NC-17 preffered.

9/  FICTION: Supernatural/Real People  -  Anything epic enough that will have loving (no bashing of anyone) characterization of John/Dean/Sam or JDM/Jensen/Jared in either a Werewolf world or as Vampires (the pretty kind) with therefore either knotting or biting but mostly some Power Play at work, can be as kinky as your inspiration allow, and pairing as you like as long as all 3 are in the fic.

10/  FICTION or VIDEO: X-Files/Crossover  -  I am dreaming of a crack fic in which Mulder, Scully, Kryceck or/and Skinner interact with either the Winchester Men or the Angel (circa AtS) team and fun ensues. If it is a video, i am partial to Springsteen, Pearl Jam, U2 and Elvis but hey the Muse is all yours, so whatever inspires you is good.

I invite everyone to participate, it could be fun!
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Yes, the lovely [ profile] blondebitz at Nekid_Spike took up my challenge and created this most awesome wallpaper for me!

I can't thank her enough... In particular now that this may have inspired a new story...

It's great to be able to challenge a mod, lol.

The fabulous and delightful [info]spankedbyspike  challenged me for a manip or banner with Wes, Spike and Angel circa Season 5 AtS?
I'd like them all more on the Dark side of things and it doesn't matter if it is work safe or not (go where the Muse leads you!).

It truly was a challenge for me as I'm more fluffy romantic than dark, so I really hope you like what my muse and I came up with.

I made two versions, one slightly smaller in case you ever wanted to use it as a story banner. If you did want to use it as a banner for a past or a future story you're very welcome to add your own text, or just ask me and I will be very happy to do it for you. :)

15 May 2011 @ 07:52 pm
The Lovely Art... )
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Thanks to Lilithangel who answered a prompt I had left on nekid spike about having a cute interaction between Angel, Cordy and Spike over Baby Connor, I was just presented with this beautiful and schmoopy answer, a pleasure to read!

If you have a few minutes, you are welcome to enjoy!

lilithbint [ profile] lilithbint 

Bringing up Baby

Author: Lilithangel

Fandom: AtS

Characters: Spike, Angel, Cordelia, baby Conner

Rating/Warnings: only for baby talk.

Summary: Spike makes an impromptu visit to L.A in Angel Season Three and meets his nephew/uncle/cousin (who knows really?). Set between Gone (BtVS) and Birthday (AtS).

Written for [info]spankedbyspike

Read the story here: )

Original Prompt:
I'd love to challenge lilithbint to an Au fic in which a fun Spike visits ATS season 3 and finds Angel and Cordy cooing at baby Connor.

I'm thinking cute, funny, snarky rather than dramatic and sad if possible.
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I was discussing last night episode with my dear friend Angelus2hot and after a few laughs about angels discovering porn and all and like the awesome friend she is, she made me 3 great icons for the fun of it and here they are!

Spanking 1              Spanking 2 by A2h               Spanking 3 by A2h

Thanks again love.
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Look at the beautiful prezzie Santa left in my stocking!

Courtesy of the well inspired [ profile] tibialisant and the warm nekid_spike community, you can enjoy with me this racy Spike/Cordy banner... Worthy of a story, I am telling you...

Beware, it's hot and definitively not work safe. Enjoy!!!!

Lookie Here... )
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Well, little blessings do come a long way, and today, this little pleasure became the highlight of a specially exhausting and difficult week.

I want to thank Angelstoy for the wonderful manipulation she created from a prompt I gave her. It simply is so much more than what I expected.

If you want to be blown away follow the link but keep in mind that it is not work safe... at all.

Enjoy the sight... )

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