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Hi everyone,

If you are free and don't mind spending some quality time with the following guests for free (might even get some of the freebies offered) please follow any of these links and share the news :-)

11003451_1010807702267121_1393428138_o     CHATx777xxxxbanner

Tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter

The program includes the following SPN folks: Alaina Huffman and Rick Worthy for the bad guys, The Ghostfacers: Travis Wester and A.J. Buckley, and the great director and commentator Guy Norman Bee. There will be Tim Anderson, an independent film maker; Richard Hatch the original Apollo in Battlestar Galactica; JB Sugar the executive producer and director of Bitten (now in its second season), James Leary the lovely Clem from Buffy; and as musical Guests Ghost of the Robot (James Marsters band) and Loulou White.
It's free and a great opportunity to get them to talk about our favorite show without having to go to a convention, it would be sad to miss it.
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You Know You Want Too, lol... SW is looking for you!!! We never can have enough Kink :) So come join in the fun ♥

Come spend an extended Valentine's Day with us at [ profile] spanking_world! Our new comment fic challenge runs from 15th February to 22nd March, and there'll be lots of fandoms to play in! For more info check out our post HERE!

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Hello to all,

We hope you are having a great Summer.

This is a quick post to invite you to start looking at your friends page, at the work you posted lately, at the friends that need recognition and at those strangers that made your time on LJ so much more fun.

You guessed it, round 8 of Wicked Awards starts August 1st.

Experience taught us that we will get a lot of nominations but maybe only 1/5th of acceptance. I really hope that you will consider nominating people and that they, in turn, will consider accepting, lol.
We accept anything for Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Who, Torchwood, Stargate(s), Star Trek(s), Supernatural and the X-Files. The guest fandom is Vampire Diaries (no Real People this round).

Keep in mind, the final amount of entries from any fandom will depend on the authors/artists acceptances, pm your friends before nominating them so we are sure to get a wide variety of awesome work to be discovered and judged.

We love all the fandoms on the site and are really doing this to help spread stories, art, and videos so people can discover pairings, fandoms, artists and authors they did not have access to, but also to let people know how much we appreciate what they do in Fandom when others consider it a waste of time, skills, and/or talent.

During the Summer, in this Round, we will have The Vampire Diaries as the Guest Fandom, which means you can nominate in 4 categories (Art * Dark/Angst * Fluff/Romance * NC-17). If you remember last Summer, the Harry Potter fans had rallied with intent and it gave us all a wonderful look into their fandom, we hope to get as much pleasure in this round with the discovery of The Vampire Diaries fan works. 

We hope that you will join us in making this a Feast for all of us, help us spread the word and we hope to even have the opportunity to enjoy the company of some of your own work this round (remember we accept self-nominations): it will be awesome!

If you want to check the categories, the past winners or the archive just go to the profile page and have some fun. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you all,

[ profile] wicked_awards
Round 8 Nomination Period: Aug 1st to August 31st
Round 8 Judging Period: September 2nd to October 15
Round 8 Winners Announcement: October 31st ~ Happy Halloween!
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Well today is my day to give back...

I joined two wonderful communities that will enrich your life!!! Ok, it's a little empathic but honestly both are great for different reasons.

However, the common one is that they are both Multi-Fandoms and I want to expand my horizons.

[ profile] thebunnypen will allow you to post all the prompts you ever wanted to see written by their fandom. Why is it genius? Simply because you won't have to troll 20-30 pages of comment memes to find the fandom you feel like writing. Personally I have this problem when I try to write for Angel or X-Files because those prompts are always buried, lol...
In any case, it doesn't really cost you to join and when you want a Plot Bunny, you know where to challenge yourself...

For the adults on my flist, there is a fabulous new place to go read or recs all those Spanking Stories that curl our toes! It's called [ profile] spanking_world and honestly just look at this gorgeous banner... Don't you feel the need to be bad already?

Anyway, it started about 10 days ago, have already very varied posts that makes my bedtime routine so fun... Go on! Join us and then spread the world... (PS, if you are shy about your love of the kink, make sure your posts are friend locked so they can only be seen by the members of the community).
I am in [ profile] spn_spankings which rocks for spanking those naughty Winchesters and love it but [ profile] spanking_world helps me access spanking recs in other fandoms and discover authors I simply do not know, it's quite interesting!

I hope you gals and guys will check those out.

By the way, spn_gen big bang is starting again and this time they have a mini big bang parallel to the standard one... I'll be signing for the 5k for sure, now I just need an idea... SPN Gen Big Bang
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Hi everyone,

Round 7 is now over and all the Awards (with new manips/blends for the banners) and comments made by the judges are finally posted.

So for those of you that know folks in there, please check the following links and don't forget to congratulate those Winners, they really deserve it.

As well, we hope to get all of you involved next round, so start making a list of all the naughty and nice things that deserve nominations for round 8 it's already around the corner!

Multi Verses Fandoms Fiction Awards (Dr. Who, Torchwood, Star Trek, Stargate, X-Files and Supernatural)

Whedonverse Fiction Awards (Angel, Buffy, Firefly)

Real People Fiction Awards

Graphic Awards

Judge Choices Awards

In any case, those make for a nice rec and reading list, enjoy!

And, finally, thanks for the fandom support we get, it's really appreciated!!!!!!

PS: give me a day to sleep it off and I promise to catch up with everyone on my flist or the other communities on my list... I know I was MIA for a while but, I'm Baaaaack!
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I know we all still believe in Christmas... But presents and so often Far and Few... For these Holidays, why not join the Holiday Fic Exchange hosted at SPN_Spankings?
(Thanks to [ profile] purple_carpetsfor the Banner!)

Depending on how many people participate we will get to post throughout the month of December, you just need to love Supernatural, the Winchesters and their friends, Spanking and be willing to create up to 3 prompts by the end of October.

People can post a fic of at least 500 words to answer any prompt or contribute any art or mix related to the prompts.

For more details click HERE and for the 30 Prompts, click HERE

If you were looking for a small chalenge, some surprise and plenty of fun, this is it!

Don't delay and join in today!
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Well Angel the Series is getting a winter number challenge for Het Pairings.

There are 9 different possibilities with a minimum of 500 words to write.

If you want to participate or to read the stories follow the link:

I can't wait to see the results.

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