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Title: I am Death, not a concept
Author: Spankebyspike
Word count: 483 words
Character Death

I was . . . boundless and timeless, a being that had seen it all and that was still in awe to the value and power of each and every single soul in my care.

I am . . . Death, it’s neither pretty nor ugly. It’s a name that has no significance to me because what it represents to Humans is the shortening of their hopes, lives and opportunities, while to me, Death is a being that cannot and will not be bothered by the insignificance of specks of life shining bright for such a short time. I could as well be called Paul or Alpha or Zeta…

I think . . . that there is something really transcendent in the lives of the Winchester’s. Their multitude of resurrections, the fact they’ve been on the path of so many of his siblings, survived those encounters and lived to tell the tale and fight another night is simply astonishing.

I wonder . . . how with decades of Men of Letters, Demons, Hunters and Archangels, now is the time I am pulled from the abyss, the chaos, the nothingness to become part of the tug of war the Winchester boys are playing.

I wish . . . I could remember… the beginning of times, the friendships, the dreams, the expectations, the passions that must have existed, that must have belied these creations, that I could wake up morning after morning and just decide to care, hope to be able to mind, feel a flutter of concern, maybe the tension of drama, if not of pleasure.

I save . . . moments of gratifications for when I have to go topside, a pizza here, a hot dog there, and even pickle chips, not even marred by the fact they come from a poisoned fruit, a certain Dean Winchester.

I always . . . loved order, and my army of reapers. Together we live by very simple rules, a beautiful world of give and take, of clean submission to the nature of things.

I can't imagine . . . what else to say to the request Dean just made. It’s visceral; I can’t take the anarchy he brings to this universe. I meant it when I uttered last, “Don’t thank me; just clean your mess!”

I believe . . .in respect. Respect in my being, what I represent, the power I wield and the infinity that is our cosmos.

I promise . . . to punish any miscreant trying to play the system, any person trying to bind me or one of my Reaper, and event to smite any Demon that believes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse could lower themselves to do their binding.

I love . . . wandering off… The tasks are often too repetitive, mindless, at times probably useless. So I take time for myself and take the road less travelled…
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Decadent? Excessive? Not in my Dreams!
by Spanked by Spike

Dean Winchester & Crowley (King of Hell some days...)

Set sometimes in mid Season 9 (word count: 526 / NC-17)
Crowley/dean story written for the Valentine Challenge at [ profile] spanking_world
Crossposted at Original Community and AO3

Note: I know it's not a good ole parental spanking stories but for the few that will take a moment to discover it, I hope you'll enjoy and who knows? maybe comment, lol

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Well, as you know [ profile] angelus2hot opened to put all those lost prompts we have in neat and inspiring categories.

So among other things I posted this prompt:
Horror Stories
: John with Sam and Dean (younger than ten) OR John with young Adam (if you prefer).
Prompt:John reads children stories to his kids, stuff like Where the Wild Things Are, the Grimm brother fairytales, etc and we see how his children and himself react to what they are afraid of, believe in, and suspect...

And the wonderful [ profile] vexed_wench answered with this little gem (John reads to young Adam) called My Boy

It's really sweet and cute and a bit sad too.

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Well Angelus2hot and myself challenged each other to write some masturbation stories just to see if we could. And also because there was that site with those type of stories we could have posted it after, but then we didn't keep the address of the community and couldn't post it anymore, so here are three ficlets (Supernatural -Keeping it Real-, Angel -One Right doesn't Right a Wrong- and X-Files-Sexy is Out There-) with my tentative writing in this new subgenre, I hope it somehow works...

None have had a beta but they were proofread, so if you see any errors or have suggestions please don’t hesitate to pm me, thanks!

Title: Keeping it Real
Rating: NC-17 (can't be understated, this is for adults and full of sexual references)
Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Dean (20 years old in a rental house John set them in)
Author: SpankedbySpike
Words: 776

Gratifying myself is nothing new. I had discovered the pleasure of my flesh a long time ago, and short of self-bondage and auto oral simulation, I think I’ve tried about anything with my hands or the help of the extensive play kit growing, one item at a time, underneath my bed or in my duffel. Any guy out there would relate; the need for peace and for some alone time to reconnect with oneself. It’s not like I don’t like my fun with a partner of choice, I even still remember fondly the days when any partner would do…

Read the rest of the Ficlet )

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Spring11 Story Tree - Evil Little Things

Here's a short drabble for the Story tree... (Note: in Asylum -season 1, Sam' wonders how his dad can send them coordinates through phone text when he was bested by a toaster...)

Title: Evil little Things
Author: Spanked by Spike
Characters/Pairing(s): John, Sam (10), Dean (14)
Rating, Warnings: PG (pre-series, crack)
Word count: 456
First Word: Housewife
Last Word: Dean

Housewife dream, my ass… Who the heck cooks with something like this?
John is facing the beautiful microwave/range/oven appalled. They took
to this little town because the price of the weekly motel room was more
than affordable and also because it was two months before the end of the
school year and the boys needed to complete it someplace where no
questions were asked.

Sammy is having the time of his life behind his back. John is standing there
like a moron with a boxed meal in the hand ready to supposedly heat the
damn thing. Except, he doesn’t fucking know how to start the hellish
creation standing for an appliance in this oh so clean kitchenette.

Dean is finishing up in the shower, the water stopped running and John
panics. He has to get this thing going before one more of his sons
decide to make fun of his lack of skills and befuddlement in front of
various appliances. Come on John, you’re a Mechanic for god sake, you can figure this out.
And he manages to open the door and drop the cardboard container on the
plate there. And, then… It’s all meaningful looks. He should be able to
figure how this things work, and if not to will it to work!

Of course, now he hears some shuffling and both of his kids are behind him
trying to peak at the appliance and trying to figure out what he is
doing. He wants to groan, but he is a man alright so he withholds the
urge. With a wicked smile he instead delegates. “Hey Dean… Good to see
you buddy. Why don’t you finish here while I take a quick shower too?”
And with that he stands, all 6’2 of him, pushing the intimidation of his
bulky frame as well, just to make sure none of the boys manage a

Sam though, well he is his son, you can tell. No more than few steps
towards the neat bathroom he can hear his ten year old boy snicker and
slowly turns. A wicked smile appears on his mouth, slightly hidden by
the growth of beard and with a quick step, he is at the side of his kid,
folding him neatly on the table and making his little ass smart with a
good few spanks over his pants. The noise is loud but right away covered
by the giggling laughter of his boys and his own roaring laughter.
Yeah, John Winchester and household Appliances are not a good mix, they
all know it. And with a spring in his steps he heads towards the other
room before turning a softening gaze to his children still laughing it
out. “And, don’t burn anything Dean!”

The End.

Crossposted at SPN_SPANKINGS here for the Spring 2011 Story Tree and at SPN_Gen here
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In Time
by Spanked by Spike
PG-13 (AtS)

Alone; Afraid; Unsure.  The girl couldn’t even fathom the word. Werewolf.

Silent; Shadowy; Still. The vampire couldn’t take another loss, another innocent soul claimed randomly by hell, under the misguided and uncaring awareness of the fucking powers that be.


Golden; Creamy; Toned. She was a knockout, any other day, any other place, maybe. Yesterday she had become a monster; one that people did not even know existed. Her life, her passions, her friendships, all gone in an instant, with one stupid bite, a silly urban legend taking hold in the most horrific manner.

Dark; Intense; Powerful.  He was a dark god, all knowing, influential and considerate. Who knew that the head of the most impressive law firm in town would thoughtfully take a rabid canine under his wing.


Oz did it, the rest of them can freaking too! Nina. What a beautiful name; all soft, easy to slip on in an early morning rump, a late evening romantic dinner or a middle of the night quickie. He could get used to care for her, to have her, to give a bit of the good him, the ten percent they all wanted to face. The ten percent he thought he had lost when taking over the firm, losing his son, losing his Sire, losing his friends, losing his loves… Was there that much left in him? Well, up to Nina, he wasn’t aware there was.

Werewolves are killed. Before the next full moon. How long will he let her live? How does one prepare to abandon their lives, their possessions, their hopes and their future? Can she really live off his lopsided smiles, his broad reassurances, even his money? What can she bring to this table? How can she ever repay the generosity of the man?


It’s been a month. New discoveries and new commitments were made. A Vampire and a Werewolf; the stuff of Legends, the stuff of Romance, the stuff of Foolishness and Craziness, no one could have foreseen or believed in. Nina and Angel survived. Angel and Nina are now in Suburbia.


The End.

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