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I would like to seize the moment and wish everyone on my flist a wonderful 2012.

I hope it will be a blessed year that will see the realization of your dreams and hopes and will keep you in great health.

Let's enjoy it!

PS: I may not be too often online for a couple of months, as you probably know Wicked Awards Round 7 started yesterday and I am often busy archiving or judging, lol...

Anyhoo, if you know of people that need a little pick me up don't hesitate to nominate them... It's always a boost to the morale and if some of your work will gain being checked by members of your fandoms of choice, don't hesitate and self nominate!!!!!

The list of Nominees and the Nomination post are already up, if interested.

Cheers to everyone,


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Well to all the folks on my Flist I wish you the best for this coming year.

I sure hope it's not going to be anything like the way mine has started. For New Year's Eve our fridge died... and all the food in it (timely isn't it?) and then on New Year's day we awoke to a broken pipe by the landscape box sprouting water up to 10' high and of course, here I am in my pajama drowning to try to close the valve in 20 degree Fahrenheit weather... it did not work! Therefore shoveling and other miserable outdoor activities were needed to finally stop the water to the whole house 3 hours later... 5 hours in, after night fall the plumber finally made it to replace what pipe and valve had broken and of course guess who was freezing outside holding the light... Anyway, that was the fun way to spend New year's day until we realized our satellite dish also stopped working and we will be without TV until Friday. Yeah!!! Of course, none of this will explain while my high-speed internet is so slow, erase my posts, etc... Don't you love it when everything goes right?

Anyway, I assume we are done with this and 2011 is going to be rocking... well I can dream, no?

Still, this is a time of joy, peace and happiness so let me wish you all a

Party in Style, in Sin City!
Party in Style, in Sin City!
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