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You Know You Want Too, lol... SW is looking for you!!! We never can have enough Kink :) So come join in the fun ♥

Come spend an extended Valentine's Day with us at [ profile] spanking_world! Our new comment fic challenge runs from 15th February to 22nd March, and there'll be lots of fandoms to play in! For more info check out our post HERE!

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Title: A day in the Life…
Author: Spanked by Spike
Word Count: 1165 words
Pairing: Pre-J2
Rating: PG-13 (explicit words)
Summary: The J’s share a house and slowly build their friendship. Jared is surprised by how attuned he is suddenly to the noises made by a mute Jensen.
Dedicated to: atanih88 who requested a fic| CWRPS: J2, mute-Jensen, NC-17, first time, top-Jared and because I couldn’t finish the longer fic I am working on in time for the Fall Fandom Free For All 2011 I am offering a small scene to help her wait, and it’s based on this additional prompt: a little scene showing how Jared gets turned on at the sounds Jensen does make? Because he can't talk? I hope it will be alright and thanks for your patience .
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A Day in the Life... by SbS

Sweat was dripping in rivulets between Jensen shoulder blades and was getting lost in the loose t-shirt stretched across his back now that he folded himself in two, breathing harshly in the kitchen.

Jensen was just back from his run, a must on weekends, and he needed some water to replenish his body. He couldn’t hear the harsh sounds he made, fighting for breath, but as he tilted his head for a gulp of cold water from the bottle he just retrieved, the little whine of satisfaction carried through the house and never registered in his muted world.

He’d become Jared’s roommate few months ago, at the beginning of the school year. Jensen was going to a private school to become a Massage Therapist, Jared was studying acting, while working on the side at the animal shelter close to the small run down house they rented.

It was a good match, Jared was rarely there, and when he was home, he was loud enough that Jensen knew where he was at all time, reassuring him, even in his world of silence. Slowly Jared learned to always look at him when he talked and even all the basic words they needed in sign language. Jensen was leaving notes all over the house for him to find and feel included, and gradually was trying to learn to articulate the same basic words to get Jared’s attention when needed. They managed to live parallel lives without intruding on each other’s too much and Jared was even considerate enough to party with his friends at their place rather than bringing boisterous people here and stressing him.

Still, oblivious to anything else, he stretched, using the high countertop for balance, leaning on his sides, pulling his shoulders and his arms up, calming his breathing with smaller and timed but nevertheless discordant pants.

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Title: Awakening for You
Author: Spanked by Spike
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Real People AU
Pairing: Jeff/Jared
Words: 5082
Challenge: for [ profile] wolfish_willow and her request at Fall Fandom Free for All 2011. She requested JDM/Jared dating/first date/getting to know each other and I might have gone a bit overboard, oops...
Beta: Amidst the Tragedies of Real Life she faced, the lovely and encouraging [ profile] jaysawyer managed to review this little fic that could just in the nick of time for me to post it: THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it.
Additional thanks to [ profile] oxoniensis for holding the challenge, [ profile] angelus2hot for encouraging me to join and listening to my hesitations and [ profile] tbt93 for her support.
Notes: This is the story of how two people met, had dinner and then some fun! it is also my first real people fic and I hope that those of you used to read this sub genre will appreciate it or offer some welcome suggestions.
Disclaimer: Not Real, this fic just assume the likeliness of those two men. The author knows nothing of their real lives, real relationships and real actions; they are just borrowed for fun and play :)
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Awakening for You, SbS

Jared was in a hurry as usual. He’d been in town for two months and already between the heavy load he had committed to in his curriculum and the auditions for the various productions at work in the theater Department and in small community theatres all around town, he barely had time to sleep, even less to get the large banner he needed to bring to class advertising the upcoming program of free shows.

So, of course, when the bona fide owner of the Copy place next to the Starbucks found him seated on his porch waiting for him to open for business, it seemed a bit awkward.  He blew on his bangs to clear his vision of the large man smiling down at him and turned on the patented Padalecki puppy eyes before even starting the conversation; he really needed help.

“Man, what the heck?  It’s seven in the morning… What did you forget to print?” Jeffrey asked, his morning voice even more gravely than usual.

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Well they have an awesome idea at Fall Fandom Free for All, why don't you all check it out here: FALL FANDOM FREE FOR ALL, and my post can be found here: Link

1/  GIF ICON: Big Band Theory -   I'd love an animated Gif of the famous scene wher Sheldon try to learn how to smile and it just turns out purely creepy. (non sharable)

2/ ICON: Whedonverse  -  I absolutely need a pretty/snarky Spike, one you can look at and just fall all over in love again with the character. (non sharable)

3/ GIF  ICON: Whedonverse  -  I love Funny/Cracky Angel, Wesley, Cordy. If you can manage an animated icon with those three as doofus, I'd owe you big! (non sharable)

4/ GIF ICON:  Supernatural  -  I don't know if it is possible but i'd love an animated Gif with the boys as kids, teenagers and then adults. I'm thinking with an emphasis on brotherhood, PG oriented and all. (non sharable)

5/ ICON: Supernatural  -  J3 (Jeff/Jared/Jensen) in all their beauty, animated or not, with my lj name could be great. (non sharable)

6/ ICON: Supernatural/Real People  -  Jeffrey Dean Morgan (or as his character in SPN or The Losers) in all his glory. (non sharable)

7/  ICON: X-Files  -  A little something with Mulder, Kryceck, Skinner maybe, if not Mulder and Scully...

8/  FICTION: Whedonverse  -  AU Threesome with either Angel/Cordy/Wes or Angel/Cordy/Spike, it can be one couple and then the other or all three at the same time, NC-17 preffered.

9/  FICTION: Supernatural/Real People  -  Anything epic enough that will have loving (no bashing of anyone) characterization of John/Dean/Sam or JDM/Jensen/Jared in either a Werewolf world or as Vampires (the pretty kind) with therefore either knotting or biting but mostly some Power Play at work, can be as kinky as your inspiration allow, and pairing as you like as long as all 3 are in the fic.

10/  FICTION or VIDEO: X-Files/Crossover  -  I am dreaming of a crack fic in which Mulder, Scully, Kryceck or/and Skinner interact with either the Winchester Men or the Angel (circa AtS) team and fun ensues. If it is a video, i am partial to Springsteen, Pearl Jam, U2 and Elvis but hey the Muse is all yours, so whatever inspires you is good.

I invite everyone to participate, it could be fun!
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