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Title: Don't Mess Around with Me or One of Mine
Author: Spankedbyspike
Characters: Sam, Dean, Cole (S10-01 & S10-02)
Rating: R
Implement(s): Cane, Strap, Paddle
Word Count: 2148
Type of Spanking: Punishment
Plot: Follows the events of the beginning of season 10 (no hint as to what specifically occurs if you have yet to see the show) and gives Dark!Dean a reason to go to work instead of drifting...
Notes: I personally wanted a longer ark of this but the Powers that be made a short work of that Dean... He was intense and on the dark side, so be warned there is no fluff here. Not betaed, so if you notice anything, please don't hesitate to pm me :)
Winter 2014 Challenge for Team New World Order - Work

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It's been months since I wrote anything, I'd love to hear what some of my anonymous reader think of any stories, so if you have a moment... please do inspire my muse :)

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Title: You and Me... Against the Whole Wide World
Author: Spanked by Spike
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, John; Kindergarten Teacher/Sam
Original Prompt (not summarized): PROMPT 16: Sammy’s first spanking doesn’t come from John… from the 2011 Holiday Exchange at spn_spankings
Implement: Hand
Summary: The adventures of the Winchesters boys on Sam’s first day at School
Word Count: 1,458
Author's Notes: I discovered the joy of wee!chesters stories about two years ago and discovered a different side of myself, more prone to cuteness, lol. Anyway, the prompt is one of those little thing that could go in various directions but that I knew in my heart had to be a nice fluffy piece for sure. One of these innocent moments, you cannot really predict but that was meaningful enough, we’d remember it years later, almost by accident and it would make you smile. Well at least that is what the prompt and story evoked to me. Thanks to [ profile] atalantajfor looking this over, it gave me more confidence to step outside of my writing comfort zone. I hope the story is a good answer to the prompt and Best Wishes for the Holidays!
Contains spanking of a child by an adult.

You and Me... Against the Whole Wide World!
Spanked by Spike

Sammy wanted to be in Kindergarten, ever since Dean started to go to school; he wanted to do just like his big brother did. He had dreamed about his backpack and just couldn’t pick between all the cool cartoon characters. Dean had a Batman backpack, but Sam was leaning towards Superman. He loved all the bright colors on it.

Dad had spent the morning with him at a special store. It was a big one called Walmart… They had so many things there. Usually Dad only took them to the grocery store where there weren’t nearly as many toys and school stuff. Sam definitely preferred being here.

He and Dean started school on Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, so they had to hurry up with the shopping, and here they were going through all the aisles, dad was picking up things that he and Dean would need for school and was letting him and his big brother choose what it was they wanted exactly. It was absolutely wonderful. Daddy even said he could have a new box of crayons and some pencils. Sam loved it!

It was so cool doing something fun with Daddy, and all the goodies in the cart. Dad didn’t seem to care that everything costed money. Dad also let them have lunch at McDonald’s. Sammy had the greatest day ever, in particular because after shopping Dean played with him and after their showers they got to play even more, and went to bed a little later than usual. Sam was so happy he barely slept.
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Spring11 Story Tree - Evil Little Things

Here's a short drabble for the Story tree... (Note: in Asylum -season 1, Sam' wonders how his dad can send them coordinates through phone text when he was bested by a toaster...)

Title: Evil little Things
Author: Spanked by Spike
Characters/Pairing(s): John, Sam (10), Dean (14)
Rating, Warnings: PG (pre-series, crack)
Word count: 456
First Word: Housewife
Last Word: Dean

Housewife dream, my ass… Who the heck cooks with something like this?
John is facing the beautiful microwave/range/oven appalled. They took
to this little town because the price of the weekly motel room was more
than affordable and also because it was two months before the end of the
school year and the boys needed to complete it someplace where no
questions were asked.

Sammy is having the time of his life behind his back. John is standing there
like a moron with a boxed meal in the hand ready to supposedly heat the
damn thing. Except, he doesn’t fucking know how to start the hellish
creation standing for an appliance in this oh so clean kitchenette.

Dean is finishing up in the shower, the water stopped running and John
panics. He has to get this thing going before one more of his sons
decide to make fun of his lack of skills and befuddlement in front of
various appliances. Come on John, you’re a Mechanic for god sake, you can figure this out.
And he manages to open the door and drop the cardboard container on the
plate there. And, then… It’s all meaningful looks. He should be able to
figure how this things work, and if not to will it to work!

Of course, now he hears some shuffling and both of his kids are behind him
trying to peak at the appliance and trying to figure out what he is
doing. He wants to groan, but he is a man alright so he withholds the
urge. With a wicked smile he instead delegates. “Hey Dean… Good to see
you buddy. Why don’t you finish here while I take a quick shower too?”
And with that he stands, all 6’2 of him, pushing the intimidation of his
bulky frame as well, just to make sure none of the boys manage a

Sam though, well he is his son, you can tell. No more than few steps
towards the neat bathroom he can hear his ten year old boy snicker and
slowly turns. A wicked smile appears on his mouth, slightly hidden by
the growth of beard and with a quick step, he is at the side of his kid,
folding him neatly on the table and making his little ass smart with a
good few spanks over his pants. The noise is loud but right away covered
by the giggling laughter of his boys and his own roaring laughter.
Yeah, John Winchester and household Appliances are not a good mix, they
all know it. And with a spring in his steps he heads towards the other
room before turning a softening gaze to his children still laughing it
out. “And, don’t burn anything Dean!”

The End.

Crossposted at SPN_SPANKINGS here for the Spring 2011 Story Tree and at SPN_Gen here
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Author: Spanked by Spike
Title: Hurt
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None, no graphic depiction of violence or injuries. Pre-series, Dean is 18 and Sam 14
Word Count: 3,116
Prompt: John needs care too ~ John gets seriously hurt on a hunt (not enough to cause fatal injuries) and Dean, Sam or both find him and take care of him. [ profile] angelus2hoton July 22nd, 2011 12:52 am (UTC). This is part of the prompts posted at Unwritten Character Meme, John found here:
Beta: the wonderful a[ profile] atalantaj who knows how to find a pearl in the middle of a broken shell and keep you right on track!
Dedicated to my best of friends angelus2hot, thanks for encouraging me to always write, you win again! I hope you will like this.

Hurt, SbS (September 2011)

John was shivering. The dew on the grass pearlescent around him, the dawn ready to fade and another hot day beginning. He wished he could enjoy the view; the stars twinkling in the sky, the breeze flowing through the trees and unsettling a few leaves on the mossy ground… He wished he wasn’t in so much pain. His muscles were screaming, his bones were cracked, and his blood was seeping into the hard ground. He had won another battle, vanquished one more demon, but at what price? He felt like he was dying and worried about his two sons; the pride of his young life. His eyes were closing of their own volition but still he fought. He wouldn’t let himself fall asleep and allow a simple concussion to take him down. John started humming. He hummed classic rock tunes he had listened to on the radio while driving to this hunt. He remembered playful songs he had sung to his boys, and sweet melodies he had learned as a child. He watched the sun rise and the blue sky expand in the horizon; the pain in his body came and went. The forced paralysis wasn’t as bad as the fact he couldn’t reach Dean and Sam. Being impotent wasn’t even a notion associated with John Winchester and he had hoped he could grab the bulky little phone now sadly laying too far to make a difference… He had stopped wishing he could move; in this moment in time the only thing he wanted was to hold his children in his arms and talk to them.


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Thanks for reading, it's appreciated!

Also crossposted at spn_gen

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