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Title: The very Picture of Penance
Author: [ profile] cordy69
and [ profile] spankedbyspike
Characters: Angel/lindsey, Spike
2654 WordsPG15 Rating for harshness and elements of humiliation – Hand and Belt spankings
Thanks to [ profile] razzie2414 for working ideas with me and [ profile] angelus2hot for the lovely read work. Awesome collaboration girls!
Notes: Happens in season 5 of Angel the Series after Angel finds out Lindsey has been impersonating Doyle, his fallen guide, to get Spike to do his work for him and dividing the team at Wolfram and Hart.
Crossposted at spanking_world and AO3 for me and on [ profile] cordy69 LJ.
Dedicated to: [ profile] spankingfemme for her belated Birthday present. We all wish you the Best ♥

The Very Picture of Penance... )
We Hope you had the Most Wonderful Birthday and that this little story will bring a smile to your face even if it is a bit late :-)


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Well Angelus2hot and myself challenged each other to write some masturbation stories just to see if we could. And also because there was that site with those type of stories we could have posted it after, but then we didn't keep the address of the community and couldn't post it anymore, so here are three ficlets (Supernatural -Keeping it Real-, Angel -One Right doesn't Right a Wrong- and X-Files-Sexy is Out There-) with my tentative writing in this new subgenre, I hope it somehow works...

None have had a beta but they were proofread, so if you see any errors or have suggestions please don’t hesitate to pm me, thanks!

Title: One Right doesn’t right a Wrong
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Angel (season 5 set at the end of The Life of the Party when an exhausted Lorne curse the members of the Angel team to act out of character)
Character: Angel with mentions of Eve and Spike
Author: SpankedbySpike
Words: 914


It felt stuffy. His skin was prickling. He was freaking sweating… Angel couldn’t believe it. A simple spell and he was dropping trou for the bitch from Hell, Eve! Lorne may not have meant it but the result was there… for all to see… Naked and romping, with barely a care, barely a thought but how to reach ecstasy. He already had 3 orgasms and now that everyone had left, he still felt on edge! The office was silent but he could still remember Eve cries, he could still smell the sex permeating the room, he could still feel her clenching around his erection, and pumping restlessly. Fuck, he had to stop.
And the rest of the story is here: )

Thank you for reading, and if you have few minutes, you are welcome to comment :)
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Yes, the lovely [ profile] blondebitz at Nekid_Spike took up my challenge and created this most awesome wallpaper for me!

I can't thank her enough... In particular now that this may have inspired a new story...

It's great to be able to challenge a mod, lol.

The fabulous and delightful [info]spankedbyspike  challenged me for a manip or banner with Wes, Spike and Angel circa Season 5 AtS?
I'd like them all more on the Dark side of things and it doesn't matter if it is work safe or not (go where the Muse leads you!).

It truly was a challenge for me as I'm more fluffy romantic than dark, so I really hope you like what my muse and I came up with.

I made two versions, one slightly smaller in case you ever wanted to use it as a story banner. If you did want to use it as a banner for a past or a future story you're very welcome to add your own text, or just ask me and I will be very happy to do it for you. :)

15 May 2011 @ 07:52 pm
The Lovely Art... )
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Thanks to Lilithangel who answered a prompt I had left on nekid spike about having a cute interaction between Angel, Cordy and Spike over Baby Connor, I was just presented with this beautiful and schmoopy answer, a pleasure to read!

If you have a few minutes, you are welcome to enjoy!

lilithbint [ profile] lilithbint 

Bringing up Baby

Author: Lilithangel

Fandom: AtS

Characters: Spike, Angel, Cordelia, baby Conner

Rating/Warnings: only for baby talk.

Summary: Spike makes an impromptu visit to L.A in Angel Season Three and meets his nephew/uncle/cousin (who knows really?). Set between Gone (BtVS) and Birthday (AtS).

Written for [info]spankedbyspike

Read the story here: )

Original Prompt:
I'd love to challenge lilithbint to an Au fic in which a fun Spike visits ATS season 3 and finds Angel and Cordy cooing at baby Connor.

I'm thinking cute, funny, snarky rather than dramatic and sad if possible.
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Hello everyone,

Somehow, in December, I managed to draw some nekid numbers at the community Nekid Spike that included Spike with either Lindsey or Darla, Ski Resort, and SPANKING... I couldn't pick so you get all of it in one mixed bag. It was going to be a simple ficlet, it took a life of its own and I already have two follow up stories planned. However, judging at Wicked Awards is starting in a couple of days and I'll be swamped. So, I am posting this and hope you'll enjoy...

Title: Some Like it Hot, Most Don't!
Characters: Lindsey, Darla and Spike
Rating: PG-13 (a bad word or two -maybe more-, plus... disciplinary spanking of adults)
Word count: 4163
Kink: Spanking
Note: Thanks to Angelus2hot for keeping me on the straight and narrow, allowing me to stay on track with this story!
Disclaimer: Just playing with Joss toys...


Some Like it Hot... )
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Author: Spanked by Spike
Prompt: Death from Ficwriterjet table found here:
Fandom: Angel the Series
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1804
Warnings: Disciplinary Spanking
Author's Crossposting of this story:
Author's Notes: This is set in Season 1, post Expecting (a few episodes after Doyle's death and the inclusion of Wes to the team).


Angel and the Rogue Demon Hunter had saved Cordelia; In the nick of time. Beaten, bleeding, disheveled, they each went home exhausted. Their mission for today was accomplished but at what price? As soon as Cordy was dropped into Phantom Denis' care, they separated ways, but not before Angel instructed Wesley to take the day off. Everyone needed to recuperate if they wanted to be effective in their fight against evil, if they want to forget that another one of them almost died tonight…

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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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In Time
by Spanked by Spike
PG-13 (AtS)

Alone; Afraid; Unsure.  The girl couldn’t even fathom the word. Werewolf.

Silent; Shadowy; Still. The vampire couldn’t take another loss, another innocent soul claimed randomly by hell, under the misguided and uncaring awareness of the fucking powers that be.


Golden; Creamy; Toned. She was a knockout, any other day, any other place, maybe. Yesterday she had become a monster; one that people did not even know existed. Her life, her passions, her friendships, all gone in an instant, with one stupid bite, a silly urban legend taking hold in the most horrific manner.

Dark; Intense; Powerful.  He was a dark god, all knowing, influential and considerate. Who knew that the head of the most impressive law firm in town would thoughtfully take a rabid canine under his wing.


Oz did it, the rest of them can freaking too! Nina. What a beautiful name; all soft, easy to slip on in an early morning rump, a late evening romantic dinner or a middle of the night quickie. He could get used to care for her, to have her, to give a bit of the good him, the ten percent they all wanted to face. The ten percent he thought he had lost when taking over the firm, losing his son, losing his Sire, losing his friends, losing his loves… Was there that much left in him? Well, up to Nina, he wasn’t aware there was.

Werewolves are killed. Before the next full moon. How long will he let her live? How does one prepare to abandon their lives, their possessions, their hopes and their future? Can she really live off his lopsided smiles, his broad reassurances, even his money? What can she bring to this table? How can she ever repay the generosity of the man?


It’s been a month. New discoveries and new commitments were made. A Vampire and a Werewolf; the stuff of Legends, the stuff of Romance, the stuff of Foolishness and Craziness, no one could have foreseen or believed in. Nina and Angel survived. Angel and Nina are now in Suburbia.


The End.

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