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Well, as you know [ profile] angelus2hot opened to put all those lost prompts we have in neat and inspiring categories.

So among other things I posted this prompt:
Horror Stories
: John with Sam and Dean (younger than ten) OR John with young Adam (if you prefer).
Prompt:John reads children stories to his kids, stuff like Where the Wild Things Are, the Grimm brother fairytales, etc and we see how his children and himself react to what they are afraid of, believe in, and suspect...

And the wonderful [ profile] vexed_wench answered with this little gem (John reads to young Adam) called My Boy

It's really sweet and cute and a bit sad too.

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A Winchester Clash, by Spanked by Spike
Characters: John, Adam (16) @ Kathy Milligan house
Rating: PG-15 (mention of booze, nudity in a non-sexual way)
Created originally for Minx Birthday Challenge August 2010; betaed by the awesome [ profile] atalantaj  ; remaining errors are all mine (unlike the characters all owned by Kripke and Co and shamelessly borrowed here)

A Winchester Clash written by SbS

The boy was noisy while stomping up the steps, “Nah, I don’t want to!”

“Adam, you are drunk, filthy, and in definite need of guidance. It’s not an option: you are getting a spanking.”

Adam rushed to his room without being able to close the door on John’s nose as initially intended. The guy was just too fast! His dad got a hold of his scrawny arm and shoved him towards the bathroom with a simple order to take a shower and with it to hope it will sober Adam up and clean him good from the sour vomit also spread on his jacket and pants. Adam would have fought back, had he had the heart for it and if nausea and dread didn’t get the upper hand so far… Better to fold and follow that order than to try to fight anyway.

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The Winchester Way, Spanked by Spike

Rating: PG-15 (mostly for language and subject matter, i.e. spanking)

Characters: Dean, Sam, Adam and John Winchester

Created for Minx Birthday Challenge, Summer 2010; betaed by the wonderful and very patient Atalantaj

Most mistakes left are mine and you are welcome to point them to me. Thanks for taking the time to read this story; it’s a new direction for me (fun but new and untried nevertheless). And sorry for the length… I got carried away a bit…

PS: I know it's sad, but I still haven't figured how to make the lj cut work. This is the 5th try and it obviously is not going to happen tonight, sorry for  this mishap.


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