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This is a small appendix to the main story: IN THE SERVICE OF HIS MASTER (part 1 is the one where the Note is mentioned, but there are already 3 parts you can enjoy in this story independently of you reading this)

Title: Clauses and Stipulations
Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 1521 words
Summary: Sam Winchester is entering into a relationship with a sub he met called Dean Smith, and is setting the proviso of their upcoming move-in life in Sam's condo.
It is really suggested that you do read part 1 first to understand the context of this note, knowing that the rest of the story is really for adult appreciation and, as well, deals with mature concepts...
Notes: Chapter created in response to the Letter challenge at [ profile] spanking_world in which one party must either ask or suggest to the other the possibility of introducing spanking in their relationship.
Thank you: A special thank you to [ profile] ilikecrystals for taking an interest in this series and helping streamline my thoughts and clarify it's expression. Thanks to her, In the Service of his Master is now back to being an on-going series :)

Dear Dean,

I know that slavery has different connotations for each person having to think about the concept. It has been an institution that dehumanized people that had no choices and no other options, it takes away any heroic ambitions the slave owners and traders may ever have harbored because what they did to children, women, elderly removed the proof of their abilities to be followed as the leaders they postured to be and instead clearly demonstrated that it was a structure meant to simply benefit those at the top, the Masters.

Therefore, I want you to understand from the get go that even though we will be in a live-in fetish relationship, in which I will be the Master and you will be my submissive or maybe even what is referred to as the slave, it is set as a place for both of us to find happiness, together, working with the same goal.

At no point in time will it be a self-serving situation in which everything you do will be about pleasing me, with no pleasure or fulfillment for yourself.

I understand that as a submissive, you appreciate a person with authoritative tendencies to determine the direction that our couple will take and that it removes some of the uncertainties, fears and doubts you work very hard to conceal. There is, however, a line that I do not intend to cross leading to abuse, inferring that you would be inferior to me, less capable than me or even to the rest of the world.
I admire what you have accomplished to date and truly believe that you can function without a firm hand shackling your body, your ideas, your hopes, and some of your desires; not that I do not want to have a say in all of this, as you can imagine...

Your needs and opinions matter to me and I want to spend our time together building a life that is always improving and not set in stone. And yes, at times, I will compromise and I may change my mind on some things and issues depending on what I discover about you, myself and the context in which we operate. To some, this will appear to be a disgrace, and a show of weakness from a Master. It just happens that I do not care about what others think about me, or about us!

I'll be honest with you Dean, I will most likely require you do to things you've never done before, to push the limits of the experiences you've read about, to blow your mind with expectations you did not have. And it won't always be pleasant or easy... I may criticize you at time, require that you do a task again and again, until you reach perfection but it will never be about making you feel bad or inadequate. It won't be about quenching a rebellious mind or attitude and it will never be about traumatizing you but I can assure you, because I know myself and what I fantasized of, that it will be challenging.

The goal, of course, is to explore control, of yourself, the situations, the expectations and of myself as well. It means that we have to communicate, as much as and as well as possible. It also means that ultimately, submitting has to be a part of your being and your soul and not just something that will be forged through pain, upsets, anxiety and a blatant disregard to who you intrinsically are and want.

If you believe you may be a switch, please disclose it so now, and don’t fear rejection, just allow me to veer the course towards a path that will be more fulfilling than if you feel cornered and obligated to play a role for me, instead of fully developing who you are and could be.

I can confess to the fact that I would like you to be independent of me, to some extent. I will always encourage you to study and increase your knowledge; to have friends that care for you and that will support you and like me, have your best interest at heart. Money is not an issue so you can work for the opportunity to expand your world or stay at home, it will be your choice.  I will never use any stipend I set aside for you, and gladly give you, as a mean to keep you enslaved with no other options.

Nevertheless, I want to feel like I am essential to your world, that you will abide by the rules we will discuss and put in place together and we will decide are crucial to our personal world.  I will ask that you commit to the success of our relationship and that you be open to both the joys I want to share with you and submit to the discipline that I give you.
Punishments will be appropriate to the infractions and will be real, as much as the love I will shower you with will be. Moreover, it will include you letting me do things for you that you may be too shy to accept and include things that you will do to please me and may not specifically like.  Together we will set the path we want to follow!

I know it is a lot to take in. Consider though, that what we feel towards each other is mind-blowing and worth it.

I'd want you to take into account the following elements though:

As a doctor, I will always be concerned about your health and well-being. This means that you won't be allowed to exert yourself too much, I expect that you will organize yourself in such a way that you have enough hours of sleep in your days, that you eat well, that you exercise enough and do all other common sense activities that can benefit you and our relationship.

I will want you to be eager to try any sexual exploration I am interested in before you can decide if it is something you like or you do not care about. I will respect your decisions but only after we've tried it as I do not believe fear of the unknown should be relevant in our coupling. I understand that your submissive tendencies will push you to await my decisions most of the time. Still, when I ask you to choose a place to go to dinner or any common activity that we do, I expect you to take the responsibility seriously and contribute.

If you disappoint me and do not keep the spirit of this agreement, you will be punished. Any spanking, control of your cock, time out, or use of restraints will be decided solely by me for offenses we both agree are putting your actions on the naughty list. You will obediently and gratefully receive such discipline, including if I decide to have maintenance spankings and others such determinations! You can hint about some specific needs, but you have to trust I will know what is best at any given time and respect my decision.

In public, I will ask you to call me Sir and for you to always be very respectful as our actions will reflect directly upon the importance we give to our relationship; in private I would want you to be focused and when we play at munches, completely mine.

As a couple we can, once the time is right, consider formalizing our relationship with a contract and a collaring ceremony. It won't happen until phases of your training and our relationship have progressed to the point where we are both comfortable with taking this next important step.  It will allow us to show the depth of our commitment to each other, to our family and friends, as well as to guide us in the expression of our wants and needs. You know that it will give you opportunities to grow and to serve in your duties and responsibilities as well.

Dean, I honestly promise to devote myself to make this relationship the best you may desire and trust that you will invest yourself openly and diligently to let it mature. This is not about informing you of a long laundry list of chores you will have to perform in our household, it is an opportunity to let you know that we have a wonderful blank canvas to fill together in which both our inner tendencies towards domination and submission can be fulfilled in a safe, sane and consensual context, even if it will be quite intense and both emotionally and physically demanding.

Please be serious in your consideration and understand the changes it will bring to your current situation while weighing the pros and cons of my invitation.

Once you say yes, and consent, it will truly mean that you entrust me with your well-being and also that you believe in my ability to nurture your submissiveness for the betterment of our energizing relationship.

Please sign the bottom of this missive and return it to me in the morning.

Until then, sleep well, luv.

The End.

Link to Part 2 of In the Service of his Master

Thank you for reading and commenting if inspired, it's appreciated :)
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