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Title: I am Death, not a concept
Author: Spankebyspike
Word count: 483 words
Character Death

I was . . . boundless and timeless, a being that had seen it all and that was still in awe to the value and power of each and every single soul in my care.

I am . . . Death, it’s neither pretty nor ugly. It’s a name that has no significance to me because what it represents to Humans is the shortening of their hopes, lives and opportunities, while to me, Death is a being that cannot and will not be bothered by the insignificance of specks of life shining bright for such a short time. I could as well be called Paul or Alpha or Zeta…

I think . . . that there is something really transcendent in the lives of the Winchester’s. Their multitude of resurrections, the fact they’ve been on the path of so many of his siblings, survived those encounters and lived to tell the tale and fight another night is simply astonishing.

I wonder . . . how with decades of Men of Letters, Demons, Hunters and Archangels, now is the time I am pulled from the abyss, the chaos, the nothingness to become part of the tug of war the Winchester boys are playing.

I wish . . . I could remember… the beginning of times, the friendships, the dreams, the expectations, the passions that must have existed, that must have belied these creations, that I could wake up morning after morning and just decide to care, hope to be able to mind, feel a flutter of concern, maybe the tension of drama, if not of pleasure.

I save . . . moments of gratifications for when I have to go topside, a pizza here, a hot dog there, and even pickle chips, not even marred by the fact they come from a poisoned fruit, a certain Dean Winchester.

I always . . . loved order, and my army of reapers. Together we live by very simple rules, a beautiful world of give and take, of clean submission to the nature of things.

I can't imagine . . . what else to say to the request Dean just made. It’s visceral; I can’t take the anarchy he brings to this universe. I meant it when I uttered last, “Don’t thank me; just clean your mess!”

I believe . . .in respect. Respect in my being, what I represent, the power I wield and the infinity that is our cosmos.

I promise . . . to punish any miscreant trying to play the system, any person trying to bind me or one of my Reaper, and event to smite any Demon that believes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse could lower themselves to do their binding.

I love . . . wandering off… The tasks are often too repetitive, mindless, at times probably useless. So I take time for myself and take the road less travelled…
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