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Hello dear friends,

If you are looking for a new challenge that may inspire your muse through team work, please consider any of the folowing:
1/ mention this 2017 SPN Team Challenge on your page or group to invite more peeps to join
2/ join a team (Unique, Emotional or Dramatic) by February 5th
3/ become a member of [ profile] spn_spankings and comment on the entries to get extra points to the authors/artists and get access to the unique stories posted there.


Please select the Team you want to be part of (Unique, Emotional or Dramatic), we will try to have an equal number of people in each team so please commit accordingly. You can enter as many stories/art/mixes as you want from each prompt but it is essential to get at least 6 of your prompts' list covered to not be disqualified.

Time frame:
Feb 1st Select your team
Feb 6th Team completed and posting can start with the tag 2017 Team Challenge add any other appropriate tag too
March 12th three PM Pacific Time is the final time to post any entry to count towards your team total
March 17th winners' announcements will include Team and Individual wins.

Broken Promises Comfort Loss
Sexting Loneliness Post Traumatic stress disorder
Routine Craving Theat/Threatened
Common Sense Guilty Pleasures Domination/Submission
Transient Tension Taken for granted
Stability/Unstability Excuses Caged
Myths and Legends Speechless Split
What I meant was… Upset Echoes
Pack Mentality Awkwards Damned
Forgotten Denial Order

·         Betrayal
·         Resolutions
·         Epiphany
·         Truth and Lie(S)
·         Crime and Punishment

All stories can be parental, institutional, sexualised, with any rating of your choice as long as you note it in your title block. Please be very specific in your title block (as presented in the profile) and if needed re-introduce obscure characters (so we can follow the threads without having to track down past stories or outtakes, etc).

There are more details on the site

Hope you would have the time and inclination to check it out, it could be quite fun :)
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