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Author: [ profile] spankedbyspike
Artist: [ profile] milly_gal
Type of work: Fiction et Art
Title: From his Knees: A World of Discoveries
Fandom: The Avengers
Main Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Tony/bruce/Pepper
Type of Fiction: BDSM
Beta: this part is not betaed please mention any typos so I can fix them <3
Summary: Tony and Bruce are all on edge and Pepper has an idea: they need relief from stress in a very unique way, a special time in which Control takes a different meaning and they discover layers upon layers beneath those they present to the world at large.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1912 (for Part 4, even though I had planned more parts there is no interest for the story so I am ending it here rather than having it incomplete)
Created for the following Prompt: Control is always important where Bruce is concerned (Master Tony / slave bruce) for the end of year challenge at [ profile] slaveexchange designed by the inspired [ profile] phantisma.
Notes & Warnings: Adult Alternate Universe post all Marvels movies up to 2015. This is another type of Master/slave story that happen to neither be harsh or abusive (apologies but it is quite consensual and soft BDSM instead of pure slave fic).
Finally special thanks for the lovely [ profile] milly_gal whose art post can be found on her LJ and who has been a pleasure to work with. We would all be so luck as to work with someone so open and supportive! Best Holiday Wishes and thank you again ♥
Previous read in the series: Intro and Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter3


Yesterday he had been teased mercilessly. Tony had been brilliant in inventing the perfect vibrator, soft, moldable, able to resist his strength and the one of his alter ego, no matter how often he would be brought to his knees, no matter how often he had to beg to get a chance to get off, or somehow away from the brink. Tony was masterful when he applied himself and Bruce was in awe.

He had been on the edge for almost an hour, a feast he could not remember ever enjoying before, his body already too well acquainted with his hand. However, the touch of another human being had send him to a frenzy only the firm fist of Tony squeezing around his nut sac at first and then letting the ring around his shaft take over and prevent his growing and painful erection from reaching its direct conclusion.

Of course, when he was finally allowed to come, he exploded. Long jets of cum covering his stomach, reaching his cheek and even the sweaty strands of his hair, before drizzling for few more minutes along the crease of his thigh while Bruce was working to find his breath, and calming his heart.

Tony himself had looked exhausted, sporting a boner as impressive as Bruce had just a few minutes earlier, tenting his black boxers and wetting the belt of the garment with drops of pearly liquid that must have made him as sensitive as one could imagine. He begged Tony with a cracking voice to let him suck him and blow his mind, but Stark stayed strong and refused to relieve himself instead asking Bruce to take the rest of the morning to replenish himself and to start thinking of the best way to make it up to Tony in the evening.
The massage he himself had provided was a level of service he didn’t think he was capable of but he had taken such a pleasure in losing himself in the moment, touches that had grounded him, a connection that had made him a more complex man, one that wasn’t looking inward anymore but that could see a life of fulfillment in his future.

Today was one more special day in the incredible slow burn that he experienced in the Stark tower. Pepper was finally home. Bruce didn’t know how to act or react to her presence but he liked her and so far, following Tony gentle guidance had only brought peace. He wasn’t killing him with kindness but there was an awareness of everything surrounding him that Bruce only now understood was the perfect way to subjugate him. There are myriads of way to find happiness in this world, numerous means to reach orgasms, countless of opportunities to get it wrong or sometimes right and none of these would Bruce have even imagined.
Before anger, before paranoia, before fear, there is now belonging. So he cleaned himself paying attention to every nook and cranny and selected a fitting black boxer before heading upstairs, he had a breakfast to ready!

Coffee was THE priority, there was an art to it and while the almost silent dripping was on its way, he put the kettle on the fire for his tea. Next he trifled through the fridge, grabbing some eggs, an apple, slices of ham and went to the pantry for a couple of potatoes. He always liked preparing food fresh so he diced the potatoes, cleaned them and put them to boil quickly. Working the pan he took his time to test, to spice and cook. He added pepper and mushrooms, before putting together neat plates with wedges of oranges and enough grapes to occupy restless hands if need be.

The soft pitter patter of light feet heading towards the table made him turn and after plating toasted slices of bread on a plate he dropped to his knees on his assigned pillow. Locking his hands behind his back was natural, pushing his shoulders out and letting his head fall forward too. After all, the delights of serving are that he didn’t have to think, or anticipate, he just had to be in the moment, open and ready.

“Hey sweetie, what a lovely meal you put together.” Pepper walked around the table, ruffling his hair and continuing to the kitchen to pour herself a drink of the hot beverage. By the time she made it back to the table with two cups of coffee and one of tea in hands, Tony was approaching them and dropped to his knees for a moment kissing Bruce passionately. He stood as Pepper was getting close and after shoving the drinks in the middle of the table, she let Tony pull her on his lap as he sat for his meal.

The talks between the two of them floated above Bruce consciousness, he knew from the tone that there was nothing dire or concerning to listen to and he let his mind drift, enjoying the moment, the safety and peace that came with it. He had learned to appreciate Pepper these last few months, and recognized like everyone in the team her incredible influence on Tony, the fact she brought a balance to his interactions with the world, and even more the fact that she was a tactful and caring buffer between a world that was driven by routine and mundane issues that never could encompass the Avengers peculiarities at once.

She was kind, subtle and knew her way around Tony. If Bruce wanted to extend this little experiment of theirs he would probably need to confer with her sooner than later. She must have sensed the direction of his thought as suddenly he felt her long manicured fingers scratch the side of his scalp, just below his ear, and then roam over his neck to finally rest on his shoulder blade. It was intimate and a rare touch he relished, leaning toward it and closing his eyes to commit the moment to memory.

It’s Tony fingers that found his mouth as he presented a grape to his slightly parted lips, he held the fruit between his teeth long enough to lick the pad of the fingers in his reach, and open his eyes to face two intense gaze. Bruce smiled and only then swallowed the food.
Tony eyes were sparkling, maybe there were a few unshed tears in them and Bruce hoped that if it was the case it was due to happiness. “Thank you Bruce for the breakfast” the man that had become his Alpha and Omega in just a few days said softly and pulling back his fingers he brought the cup of warm tea to his level so he could slowly sip his favorite beverage.
Bruce was hungry but certainly not in a hurry. He couldn’t say yet how long he could take the torturous length of an amorous breakfast such as this one but he wouldn’t exchange his spot for all the gold in the world. Never would he have imagined how giving himself to the attentive care of Tony could change his outlook on life and open so many doors for fulfillment, he may have to thank Pepper later, until then he could learn a thing or two about how her pleasure is given now that he noticed the roaming hand of Tony making her gasp.

It was a rare sight that Bruce was treated to; Tony had three fingers playing within a gasping Pepper wet folds and the little squelching sound distracted him from any other thought. Being on his knees two feet away wasn’t helping either in quenching the agonizing growth of his own excited member. Of course he was most often than not treated to Tony’s knuckles coming in and out of this treasured place but once in a while a pink vision could be observed and that was killing Bruce. He wanted to lean and lick and suck the pretty space that was being breached so delicately, wanted to worry the nub finally appearing and hoping for attention, he wanted to quench the newly discovered thirst he had for Pepper juice and the only thing he could do was raising his eyes to the confident face of Tony and pray for the man to spare him a look and see the exposed need showcased on Bruce features, letting him show his own magnanimity and allowing Bruce to come closer and serve this incredible princess as well.

Pepper tried to keep a handle on the jerky movement of her hips, on the not so silent gasps she couldn’t hold back as Tony fingers were scissoring in her and randomly stopped at her most sensitive spot. Her thighs started trembling and only then, feeling the tremors traveling along these shapely legs and the tentative tries to close her legs and chase after an elusive climax than the Man of Iron finally broke his concentration enough to bore into Bruce expressive gaze and tilted his head in acknowledgement of the sub dark desire.
Bruce didn’t wait for more, he dove in, wetting his full lips first and trying to grin at the same time.

A minute later he was lavishing Tony’s fingers, hand and Pepper pulsing core with his tongue. Long muscles trying to reach new worlds, mark them as conquered and then relishing them once subjugated …

Pepper couldn’t contain her excitement and brought the fingers of Tony’s hand up, for them to start worrying her nipple over the white blouse and after a few titillating moments finally to her mouth; opening first to suck around the thumb before helping herself to each finger, sucking with pleasure the warm digits while closing her legs and anchoring Bruce to her center in such a manner that whenever he had to inhale to keep his strength the only essential thing he’d see, smell, enjoy will be Pepper juices.

Tony had removed his hand from Pepper’s core to settle on her clit, drumming a maddening rhythm and added to all the stimulation, she simply exploded. Like a firecracker. Spasming around the sweaty brown locks of Bruce head with his so present mouth and busy tongue, trying to fold onto herself but held back by Tony’s forearm and eventually leaning back against his shoulder letting him kiss and nibble at her neck. Reacting with small tremors and beautiful gasps both men took great pleasure in wringing from her until she ended up begging with a hoarse voice for reprieve, in an overload of sensations.

Only then did she feel the wet spot spreading behind her, a testimony to Tony coming just from the sheer sensuality of the blissful moment they shared and finally notice the angry, swollen head of Bruce cock picking through his closed fist, as he was trying to stave off his orgasm until authorized to join in in that communal pleasure.

It’s Tony’s foot that showed him the way… Slowly tickling the sensitive top, and with a single nod allowed Bruce to jerk himself. It was with feverish speed that he let his hand do the talking and at once he stopped stroking as his flesh pulsed, ropes of come coating his sticky fingers, drops on his corded thighs mapping a path to his happy trail matted with white pearls shinning amongst the dark curls.

Exhausted he leaned his head on the legs of his lovers and sighed… They are going to make quite a team!

The end.

Thank you for reading this, comments are welcome ;-)

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